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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Freedom's Ring

Heidi Chiavaroli is a writer, runner, and grace clinger who could spend hours exploring Boston's Freedom Trail.  She writes women's fiction and won the 2014 ACFW Genesis contest in the historical category.  She makes her home in Massachusetts with her husband, two sons, and Howie, her standard poodle.

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From the Boston Marathon bombing to the American Revolution and the Boston Massacre, past and present intertwine to create an unexpected destiny.

Boston 2015
Although two years have passed since the Boston Marathon bombing, Annie David continues to be haunted by the call to be Boston Strong.  She cannot seem to release two burdens left to her that tragic day - guilt over a crippled niece, and an old ring that evokes a hazy hero's face.  But when she finds a business card with the same emblem as the ring, she's finally able to discover her hero...and the story of the woman behind the ring.

Boston  1770
As a single woman in a rebellious town, Liberty Caldwell finds herself in a dangerous predicament.  When tensions mount in the form of the Boston Massacre, her world is shattered as her brother, with whom she has just reunited, is killed in the fray.  Overcome with anger at all redcoats, she plans to leave her employment at the British officers' home.  But upon her return, she is attacked by a roguish captain when Lieutenant Alexander Smythe isn't there to rescue her.  In her fury, she leaves the home with all of her possessions and a ring that belonged to her dear Alexander. Suddenly her atraction to him is tarnished y the uniform he wears.

The Boston Massacre sparked the American Revolution; the Boston Marathon bombing set a city on edge.  Both became the proof of where true strength lies.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoy a novel with a storyline from the past and one from the present and even more so when an author moves back and forth between the two fluidly.  Freedom's Ring is the first book by Heidi Chiavaroli that I have read and she does this with a masterful touch. Healing comes to both Annie and Brad through their discovery of the past and its tie to their present circumstances.  Their journey toward wholeness and love with the backdrop of Liberty and Lieutenant Alexander's story is beautiful.  Pain and heartache do not have to define us but can shape growth into a beautiful future.

*I was given a complimentary copy of the book.  All opinions are my own.

Happy Reading,