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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...


It's that time of favorite actually...CHRISTMAS!  We put our tree up Thanksgiving weekend.  I love all the decorations and lights this time of year and I like to enjoy them all for as long as possible.  The think I look forward to the most this year is getting to go back home and visit with our Alabama and Mississippi families!!!!  We miss them so much!  That visit will be all the present I'll need!

About a week ago, our neighbors next to us were decorating their yard for Christmas.  Mike came inside and told me, "You've gotta come see this!"
Our yard and the neighbors yard is always full of kids.  On this particular afternoon half of them lined up little chairs and watched him put up his decorations.
They were just too cute!  Mr. Brian had their full attention.  And they all couldn't wait for it to get dark so they could see the lights on the "choo-choo"!

Christmas parties and programs have also been in full swing!  Bentley had his Kindergarten program on December the 1st.  He was picked to be in a couple of the dances as a "marching soldier"...
I couldn't get a good picture of his handsome little face because his hat was pulled down so low.  He told us after that the drama teacher told them not to be messing with their hates during the performance, so he didn't!
Bentley is the third one from the left on the top row.  His teachers have praised him for being one to always follow the rules and stay focused on the task at hand.  Now, why can't he do that at home???

Bentley and JennaBeth had their Christmas party at church Wednesday evening while Mike and I ate dinner with our Sunday School class.  Cecily helped with the children's party.  She'll have her party with the youth from church this week.  The couple that work with our children, AC and Debbie Johnson, always do a wonderful job with their parties.  Even with increasing health problems for them both, this year was no exception!
The decorations were just so good.  Even though it was "just a children's party" it wasn't "just a children's party" to them.  They went all out making things so much fun for the kids!  That's JennaBeth (on the left) sitting at her little spot by her friend Tabitha.  Two cute little blond headed girls!
The kids had a craft.  They made candles.
The kiddos also had lots of games they played...
The Johnsons also had a friend come and share the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible...
JennaBeth loved hanging out with her little friend Tabitha.
Who knew that some of the best fun would be had while being spun around in an old office chair?

Last night our music ministry at our church presented a Christmas Sing.  Mike actually convinced Cecily to sing with him along with some help from a friend.  Here they are singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".

What's happening around your place this Christmas season?