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Monday, March 5, 2012

First Ladies Tea

Some of our Senior Adult ladies in our church organized a Ladies Tea and Silent Auction to benefit our nursery ministry.  We are being blessed with families who have young children visiting our church and recognized a real need to give some attention to this important area of service.

I had not planned to have JennaBeth attend.  She and Bentley were going to hang out with their daddy while me and Cecily went; however, this precious lady (Ellen Tanner) brought JennaBeth her very own teacup and saucer to have, so she ended up getting to attend her very first Ladies Tea!
(Ellen is in the red top and JennaBeth is sitting in Ms Jane's lap.)
(JennaBeth's little teacup and saucer.)

The committee of ladies who worked on this event really did a fantastic job.  The afternoon was a fun time of fellowship, entertainment and encouragement in the importance of nursery ministry in the church.
 (Left to Right:  Cherry, Earlene and Tammy - She gave excellent leadership to this event.)
(Mary and Maggie making the tea.)
As you can tell, the decorations were beautiful.  We enjoyed tea, sandwiches, and cookies.  JennaBeth enjoyed drinking from her little teacup - she had tea complete with cream and lemon.  The whole "cream in your tea" thing has never grown on me.  I guess because I'm just a plain ole Southern Sweet Ice Tea girl! JennaBeth also enjoyed her ham salad sandwich and 10 cookies!  They placed that cookie tray by the wrong person :)

We enjoyed learning a little about "tea etiquette".  I think Cecily may have how to properly hold a teacup down. 
The Osterhouse girls (Marissa and Sara) along with a friend of theirs performed and Irish dance for us as well as leading us in this fun little song...

No, you didn't see JennaBeth in the video, because by this time she had had enough of "tea time" and joined her daddy and brother elsewhere!

I'm so proud of the ladies who organized and worked so hard on this event!  Due to their efforts and the blessing of God, we were able to raise over $1,000 for our nursery ministry, which includes the goal of purchasing some playground equipment.

One last thing to share:
Are those not the sweetest baby quilts???  Thank you Ms Polly Naylor for making these!  We had a sweet 11 month old baby girl visiting Sunday morning and it was nice to cover her little cold legs with such sweetness!

And what about these cute handmade bibs...
Ms Polly made those as well!

Thank you ladies for your service on Saturday.  Your commitment to serving the Lord with excellence will be a blessing to many little ones who pass through the nursery at Northside Baptist Church!

"For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and approved by men."  Romans 14:17-18


Tesha said...

Hi I just hopped over here from Kelly's link up. What a cute tea you had...I love those baby quilts. I am a pastor's wife in southern CALIFORNIA. I recently started a blog when our son as stillborn 1-24-12. It has been very difficult but I am blessed to have found this link up to connect with other pastor's wives.
Blessing to you and your beautiful family.