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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cafe Chocolat: Women's Ministry Retreat Director's Kit

Do you like chocolate?  Maybe I should ask if you love chocolate? are shaking your head in the affirmative aren't you?

Let me ask you you like getting together with other women...just hanging out...getting to know them better...studying God's Word together and learning what's going on in their lives and offering support to each other?

I LOVE both...chocolate and fellowship with other women of all ages and in all different seasons of life.

Now you may be asking how any of this is related.  My answer:  CAFE CHOCOLAT!

Cafe Chocolat is Group Publishing's latest resource for Women's Ministry.  Rick Roberson with The B&B Media Group, INC. was kind enough to send me a Cafe Chocolat Director's Kit to review.

According to Amy Nappa, who heads up the adult ministry resources team for Group, "We chose to use chocolate as a metaphor for God's grace.  Those participating will taste God's goodness through in-depth Bible study, unforgettable worship and a host of fun activities designed to help them slow down, enjoy their time together and grow closer to Jesus."

Included in this kit are the following:
  • Director Guide:  The director's guide helps you through every possible aspect of planning a Women's Ministry event including an overview of the theme, basics of women's ministry, how to plan a retreat, already established schedules, step-by-step instructions, service opportunities for your group, recruiting help for the event, training session guides, promotion materials, registration materials, decorating ideas, master supply list of everything needed and even steps for following up with the attendees of your event.
  • Worship Leader's Guide:  This guide includes easy to follow directions for leading worship at the event including supplies needed, explanation of the worship leader's role at the event, personal preparation, partnering with the session leaders, and detailed direction through each session regarding songs to use, which track on the cd the songs are located.
  • Six easy to delegate session leader guides:  Included are supply lists, and detailed step-by-step directions in leading each separate session.
  • Training and Promo DVD:  Includes video training for volunteers, plus professionally produced retreat commercials.
  • Graphics & Other Goodies CD:  Includes ready-to-use retreat-themed clip art, registration tools, publicity items, and more.  Also includes intrumental tracks for worship music and additional background music.
  • A sample of each of the following participant items:  Journal, God's Grace Bracelet, Music CD, and Tote Bag.  The journal includes lyrics to the songs used during the retreat.
The sessions designed for Cafe Chocolat focus on the following passages of Scripture:
  1. John 2:1-11
  2. Mark 2:1-12
  3. Ephesians 1:6 (Theme Verse for the retreat.)
  4. Luke 22:47-51 and John 18:10-11
  5. Psalm 34:8
  6. Romans 5:6-8, Luke 23:32-46, Romans 3:21-26, John 20:1-9
There is much to like about this resource and reasons why I highly recommend it to you for your next Women's Ministry event/retreat:
  • Price:  In today's economy, this resource is doable for most any budget.  Because of the flexibility the resource provides, your team can order all or just a few of the resources offered to suit your needs and budget.
  • User friendly:  You absolutely can not fail using this resource.  The Director's Kit contains everything imaginable in order to pull of a successful and well-planned event.  Group Publishing has put together a resource that absolutely anyone can use whether they have led many events or have never led an event before.  So many times it seems hard to get people to help in planning something like a retreat and especially to agree to be the "director".  No worries here...this kit includes everything you need.
  • Flexibility:  The resource is adaptable to a large or small group, any age, a one day event or a weekend event.  The step-by-step guide is detailed and takes the fear out of leading, but while being very detailed the resource is not "written in stone".  It is very easy to follow and adapt to your group and their needs.



Denise Liles said...

The ladies at the Tehachapi Nazareth Church in CA are about to embark on this journey, but we have misplaced the Worship Leader's guide. Would you be able to help us find another. Your sight has been the only one that has been even remotely helpful. Thank-you for your time.
Denise Liles