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Monday, September 16, 2013

This Means Love: Service Projects For Women Who Want To Make A Difference

Group Publishing has a new and amazing resource for women.  The B&B Media Group, Inc. sent me a complimentary project box for the purpose of this review.

As women, we desire to give back and to make a difference in our homes and in the world at large around us.  The difficulty comes in knowing where to start due to the volume of need in our world.  Serving doesn't always have to involve getting a passport and traveling to another country!  It can be as simple as a good deed done for the neighbor next door.

Group has developed a resource to help ease some of the difficulty in knowing where to begin in your service to others.  This Means Love service kit includes everything you need to meet with a group of women and then live out the love of Christ in some very practical ways.

The kit contains:

  1. 12 Project Guides providing everything a leader needs to plan that project:  a supply list, devotion, and complete instructions for each service activity.
  2. Graphics CD - This handy disc has reproducible items used in projects and promotional items to help you get the word out about your group.
  3. One copy of the This Means Love Bible study - Six sessions on what the Bible says about serving, and how it affects our faith.  You'll need one for each woman in your group.
The beauty of this resource is that all the questions and guess work is done for you.  Even if you don't feel like you have the talent or ability to lead a group of women, you can do it with This Means Love!  The instructions are very detailed on the project guides.  The resource is versatile in that it could be used as a six week Bible study/challenge or can be broken up and used one session at a time over six months with one service project/study completed per month.

Some times its nice to meet over our coffee and refreshments to study God's word together and then sometimes we are compelled to do something; to put those studies into action.  This Means Love helps groups of women do both!  Grab a kit and form a group of women to join you and watch the beauty of the body of Christ in action!

You can order your kit today at Group by going HERE.  The kit can also be found at by going HERE.