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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take This Cup

Bodie and Brock Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee) have written over 45 works of historical fiction. That these best sellers have sold more than 10 million copies and won 8 ECPA Gold Medallion Awards affirms what millions of readers have already discovered—the Thoenes are not only master stylists but also experts at capturing readers' minds and hearts.
Bodie began her writing career as a teen journalist for her local newspaper. Eventually her byline appeared in prestigious periodicals such as U.S. News and World Report, The American West, and The Saturday Evening Post. She also worked for John Wayne's Batjac Productions (she's best known as author of The Fall Guy) and ABC Circle Films as a writer and researcher. John Wayne described her as "a writer with talent that captures the people and the times!" She has degrees in journalism and communications.
Brock has often been described by Bodie as "an essential half of this writing team." With degrees in both history and education, Brock has, in his role as researcher and story-line consultant, added the vital dimension of historical accuracy. Due to such careful research, The Zion Covenant and The Zion Chronicles series are recognized by the American Library Association, as well as Zionist libraries around the world, as classic historical novels and are used to teach history in college classrooms.
Bodie and Brock have four grown children—Rachel, Jake, Luke, and Ellie—and five grandchildren. Their sons, Jake and Luke, are carrying on the Thoene family talent as the next generation of writers, and Luke produces the Thoene's audiobooks.
Bodie and Brock divide their time between London and Nevada.
For more information about Bodie and Brock and their books, visit, and on Facebook.

Woven into the fabric of prophecy, a young boy named Nehemiah must choose to embrace his destiny as cupbearer to the King of Kings.
When Nehemiah, the child of Jewish exiles, begins hearing whispers and experiencing portentous visions, it quickly becomes clear to his father and his rabbi that the young cupbearer is meant for a higher purpose...but what?  Certain that the messiah is alive at that very moment, the family waits for the boy's destiny to be revealed.
From the ancient site of the Garden of Eden, nehemiah undertakes a perilous journey.  The caravan route is full of danger, hardship, and mystery - all of it linked to what Nehemiah has in his keeping.
In due time, his path becomes clear.  It leads to Jerusalem, to a wealthy pharisee named Joseph of Arimathea...and to Jesus of Nazareth.

My Thoughts:
Take This Cup is the second installment in the Thoene's Jerusalem Chronicles.  The first book was When Jesus Wept.  The Thoene's write solid Christian Historical fiction with unprecedented depth. The research is evident in the way they capture the culture through vivid descriptions and rich characterization.  In the story, the Thoene's take the reader to another world.  The book is historical Christian "fiction" and artistic liberties are taken; however, the Thoene's stay true to the Scriptural storyline and the overall redemptive story of the Bible is not compromised.
When a story stays with me long after I've turned the last page and I go to my book shelf periodically and pick that book up and think about its contents then I know I've read an excellent book.  Take This Cup is and excellent book!

I received a complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of this review.

Happy Reading,