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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh

Wisdom of the Sadhu was compiled and edited by Kim Comer and published by Plough.

Sundar was born on September 3, 1889 in Ludhiana, India.  The death of his mother pitched Sundar into a deep and very dark despair at the age of 14.  Taking out his anger on area missionaries, he burned a Bible page by page while they watched.

After crying out to God in desperation, he was converted to Christianity and baptized at the age of 16.  He lived the rest of his life in servitude wanting no home and no possessions.

His formal Christian training took place at the Anglican college in Lahore.  During his twenties, Sundar's ministry widened.  Many described him as always human approachable and humble with a sense of fun and love of nature.

Sundar made regular visits to Tibet, his last being in 1929.  He died in April of that year.  He is treasured by many as a formative figure in the development of the Christian church in India.

His writings (between 1922 and 1929) are:

  • At The Master's Feet
  • With and Without Christ
  • The Real Life
  • The Real Pearl
  • Reality and Religion
  • The Search After Reality
  • Meditations on Various Aspects of the Spiritual Life
  • Visions of the Spiritual World
Wisdom of the Sadhu is a compilation of Sundar Singh's writings and teachings.  The book is well organized and gives a concise overview of the thoughts of the Sadhu and brings together the best of his teachings.  While couched in a distinctly Indian idiom, the book probes the essence of the Gospel as  grasped and taught by Sundar.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of this review.

Happy Reading Ya'll,