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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Halo Found Hope

Machines beeping, the blur of medical staff running, a crash cart whizzing into an ICU room, was there any hope?

A young woman lay, packed in ice, as doctors attempted to somehow stop the swelling in her brain that threatened to take her life...and her family waited.

Six days turned into eight weeks.  She woke to discover that she was not the same.  She saw two of everything, couldn't feel half of her face, couldn't hear from one ear, and could not speak. She couldn't even tell anyone that she felt hopeless...or could she?

Halo Found Hope is the story of a beautiful, busy wife, and mother of three whose life changes instantly with the diagnosis of a rare brain tumor.  An exceptional ENT, a brilliant neurosurgeon and a dedicated medical team tackle the tumor, setting off a series of unbelievable miracles.

Helo's story is not one of survival, or of salvaging a life through a broken body.  It is not about endurance through pain, but victory because of it.  While the family heard her silence, God heard her prayer.  Helo's story is simply this:  Wherever you are  and whatever you are going through, God is right there. He doesn't need to be recognized by you, to be there for you.  He can replace fear with courage and discouragement with determination, if you let Him.

Helo did, and that is how she found hope.

My Thoughts:
Helo Matzelle lives a very brave life through the strength and grace of God.  Part of her bravery is evident in the transparent way she shares her journey in her book Halo Found Hope.  The book contains Helo's journey peppered with scripture and quotes and shows the power of surrender to and trust in God.
The sovereignty of God is highlighted and readers are reminded of how God uses people and circumstances to transform us as Helo shares about the string of miracles that changed her life forever.  The hand of God is clearly seen through her life.  She encourages her readers not to give in to despair because of circumstances that could steal hope, but to experience victory despite of them by leaning on God's grace.
Read Helo's story and be not only inspired, but challenged to live life differently.

You can order the book on by going HERE.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of this review.