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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Falcon: The Quiet Professionals Series

Ronie Kendig, self-proclaimed Army brat, grew up in the classic military family.  In 1990, Ronie married Brian, a military veteran and her real-life hero.  Ronie and Brian live in Norther VA with their four children and two dogs.

Ronie has a B.S. in Psychology from Liberty University.  She speaks nationally and volunteers with several writing organizations including ACFW and My Book Therapy and enjoys mentoring other writers.

Ronie launched into the publishing scene in 2010 and since her books have hit best seller lists and garnered several awards.

You can learn more about Ronie and connect with her through her website found at or on Facebook and Twitter.

You will want to connect with Ronie on social media.  She will be highlighting lots of reviews and giveaways!

Falcon is Book 3 in Ronie's The Quiet Professionals series.  The previous two books were Raptor 6 and Hawk.

The day of deadly reckoning has arrived for Raptor Team...

and Warrant Officer Salvatore "Falcon" Russo is just the right mix of guts and grit to lead his brothers-in-arms against the Osiris hacker, Meng-Li Jin.  Sal must cut through thick roots of bitterness and betrayal to take down the terrorist - but that means putting the team in the hands of Cassandra Walker.  The last time he did that, two of the most important people in his life died.  He will not make that mistake again.

Cassandra Walker knows three things:  she has never loved any man besides Salvatore Russo, he hates her more than life itself, and her mission may destroy any chance of reconciliation.

The deeper Raptor digs for truth, the more betrayal seeps from the very fabric of their mission.  Friends become spies and turncoats. Enemies morph into strange allies.  As the tides turn and Sal rethinks his game plan, he is forced to trust Cassie again.  And it might be the last time.

My Thoughts:
Ronie Kendig is a sleep stealer! Falcon is a fast-paced and engaging read and one that is very hard to put down.  I do not recommend beginning the book right before bed time. Ronie's characters are richly developed and genuine.  One of the most appealing things for me about Ronie's writing is that the reader gets to hear from each character's voice.  I also really like the way she weaves their back stories fluently as the story progresses.  While you could read Falcon as a stand alone book, I recommend beginning with book one in the series in order to experience a richer and fuller experience with the Raptor team.

The emotion in Falcon is palpable at times and I found myself literally "sitting on the edge of my seat" at certain points in the story.  I felt anger and was wiping tears at the turn of the page.  The turmoil experienced by Salvatore and Cassandra personally and relationally added a depth to the story. Ronie does a superb job of writing a rapid action story that isn't confusing to follow that highlights the camaraderie of a strong group of men, the real struggles of faith in the midst of real life and the growth of a tender love story.  There's a little bit of something for everybody and Ronie pulls it all together extremely well in Falcon.

*My special thanks goes to the author for the complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of my review.

Happy Reading Ya'll,