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Sunday, February 5, 2017

All the Pretty Things

Edie Wadsworth is a speaker, writer, and blogger.  She has been featured in various media including Better Homes and Gardens.  After overcoming her difficult upbringing to become a medical doctor, Edie left her practice in 2007 to raise her family and pursue her love of writing.

You will enjoy connecting with Edie at

"I don't know how old I was the night the trailer burned down - or if the rumor was true that Daddy was the one who set in on fire..."

By the ripe old age of ten, Edie Wadsworth knew how to handle a drunk with confidence and even compassion.  Edie loved her daddy with all that was in her, even as her Appalachian childhood was being colored by neglect, hunger, and how many beers Daddy had downed by noon.

When you walk through a fire like this, can beauty rise from the ashes?

My Thoughts:
Edie Wadsworth is a very brave woman.  Not only did she live through unbelievably difficult circumstances throughout her life, she wrote them down for those who choose to do so to read. She allows you and me a peek inside her life.  Edie writes with a transparency and offers readers a gift.  We get to see a real life story of beauty rising from the ashes.  Edie's story is one of perseverance, faith, and amazing grace.  While a memoir, All the Pretty Things reads like a novel.  Edie draws you into her life and writes with Southern charm and wit.  Her's is a beautiful story of redemption.  Readers will be challenged, moved and changed.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book.  All opinions are my own.

Happy Reading Ya'll,