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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Still In The Game: Finding the Faith to Tackle Life's Biggest Challenges

Devon Still is a professional athlete, life coach, motivational speaker, and childhood cancer advocate.  Now known as "The Comeback Coach", Devon launched his company, Still In The Game, to teach people all over the globe his winning playbook on how to come back from life's biggest challenges.

Be proud of your scars.

They're signs that you survived whatever tried to break you.

For Devon Still, life has been a journey from one scar to the next.  From one challenge to the next, his is a story of pushing through pain and overcoming obstacles of all shapes and sizes  - of choosing to fight for the sake of his family, his community, and his faith.
Millions of people around the world have been inspired by Devon's tireless devotion in helping his daughter, Leah, learn how to "beat up cancer".  But in these pages, Devon takes readers behind the headlines to reveal the deeper story of what prepared him for that fight, including:

  • growing up i the shadow of drugs and violence
  • working through the pain of his parents' divorce
  • overcoming injuries and scandal to shine as an All-American at Penn State University
  • beating the odds to play in the National Football League
  • using his newfound platform to raise both awareness and resources in the global fight against cancer.
Still In The Game is Devon's declaration that our challenges reveal our purpose, that our scars make us stronger, and that no loss is too great to stop our comeback!

My Thoughts:
Still's book, Still in the Game, is a genuine, transparent, and raw look at his journey and how the challenges he has face has shaped the person he is today and the way he tackles life.  Still's book reads like a conversation with a friend over dinner.  Still is genuine in that he lays his life open like a book inviting the reader into his most intimate life moments.  Still in the Game challenges, inspires, and will simply change the way you view difficulty in your life.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.

Happy Reading Ya'll,