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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I know that we all have lots of things that fill our times of prayer.  But, will you go visit the blog "Our Story" and read about sweet three year old Jedidiah?  He lives with his family in Arkansas.  His dad pastor's a church there.

Jedidiah has a rare and aggressive form of cancer and has just undergone his third chemo treatment.  He's looking at 10 more months of these treatments.  His mom's last post will just break your heart and I hope motivate you to lift this little boy and his parents and whole family up in prayer.  Just click on the words in blue in the paragraph above and you'll be taken directly to that post.

I've given little Jedidiah's address below.  His mom says he loves to get mail and when he gets a card in the mail, he calls them tickets! Will you think about sending little Jed a "ticket"?  How amazing it would be if we could flood that little boy, who will be spending the next 10 months pretty much confined to home because of a weakened immune system due to the chemo, with lots of "tickets"!

Jed Harper
PO BOX 123
Story, AR 71970
Praying for Jed,


Janna said...

Oh the heartache! Thank you for passing this on.