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Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

One week of school down and how many to go???

I'm not even going to think about that, but we are already looking for the weekends to come around our place!  It seems like the week is so full now with school in full swing.  Cecily is liking her class schedule this semester.  She has some new teachers to get used to, but seems to be adjusting well so far.  And Bentley is doing great with his pre-school material.  He asks me everyday, "Mommy, do we get to do school today?"  I hope I can keep him encouraged to be excited about learning.  He has an appointment next week to be screened for speech therapy.  Have any of you had experience having a child in speech therapy?  I'd love to hear how your experience was and maybe some things I should be looking for as we go through this process with Bentley.

I caught the cutest video of JennaBeth Friday night after supper.  One of Cecily's chores after our meals at home, is to clean off the dinner table and unload the dishwasher.  JennaBeth decided she wanted to help big sister:

On Saturday our youth from church and their families had a "Back to School Bash".  We cooked hamburgers and hotdogs and the kids went tubing.  JennaBeth loves watermelon.  I lost count on how many pieces she ate!
Bentley and Cecily both love to be in the water.  Actually JennaBeth does to.  I just wasn't quite ready for her first boat ride.  We've got to invest in some small life jackets!!  

Bentley actually went tubing for the first time!!!  I was surprised.  The youth did this last year and Bentley really enjoyed the boat ride, but he would not even think about getting on the tube!  This year he had a blast.  I think he went like three times!!

He really enjoys riding on the boat and watching other people fall off the tube; especially his big sister!  Even though he gives her much grief at times; he loves her so much!  He may make her want to run away sometimes, but I pity anyone that ever tries to mess with her!!!
Cecily really enjoyed a relaxing day on the water after this first week of school.  Although the day started off on a bum note for her!  Right off the bat she got pushed in the water and she had not taken her cell phone out of her pocket yet!!!  It won't turn on or do anything.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what we can possibly do to save it?  We were given the suggestion of setting it in rice to try and soak some of the water out of it.  Any thing else we might can do?  This really stinks, because we got this really nice phone for her for free through a deal at AT&T.  Despite this bummer, she had a good time the rest of the day:

Have a blessed week!


Mariel said...

looks like a fun weekend of memories!! blessings, mariel