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Friday, March 4, 2011

Every Girl's Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man

Bentley has been asked by a sweet girl in our church to be the ring bearer in her beach wedding on April 2nd.  Yesterday he had the fitting for his tuxedo.  I absolutely can not wait to see my little guy all suited up in April!
As you can tell by the look on his face, he was not overly thrilled to be doing this fitting!  He'll have the black tux with black shirt and a blue vest and tie.
That's the bride in the background of this picture holding JennaBeth.  JennaBeth loves her "Je-ee".  Jessi keeps her in the nursery during Sunday School and has cut our family's hair since we moved to Florida almost 4 years ago.  She'll be moving and we will have to find a new hairdresser!
Here little man is all smiles as he was taking OFF the shoes and pants!

I sure hope the groom and groom's men don't take offense with the ring bearer stealin' their thunder at this wedding, because he sure is gonna!

Crazy about my sharp dressed little man,