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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What The Heart Sees

Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of Kathleen Fuller's What The Heart Sees for the purpose of review.  I was not compensated in any other way and was expected only to give my honest review of the author's work.

What The Heart Sees is a collection of three Amish romances:  A Miracle for Miriam,  A Place of His Own, and What the Heart Sees.  The complete work is 414 pages so each story is relatively short and easy to read.  A reading group guide is included as well as a couple of Old Order Amish recipes.

While I enjoyed Ms Fuller's writing, her plots are a bit predictable.  Ms Fuller also occasionally uses a word from the language most commonly used by the Amish, which is known as Pennsylvania Deitsch.  I found myself a little frustrated at having to refer back to the glossary found at the beginning of the book.  However, she has exceptional skill in weaving a story that is hard to put down even though you know somewhat how it may end.  The characters in What The Heart Sees are endearing and help the reader understand the simple ways of the Amish people. 

If you enjoy simple and sweet stories and need some easy reading, then this book might be what you are looking for.  What the Heart Sees can be purchased directly from the publisher or from by following the link provided below.