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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deeper Into The Word

I am excited to tell you about a wonderful resource to aid in your teaching God's word to others.  Bethany House sent me a copy of Keri Wyatt Kent's Deeper Into The Word:  Reflections on 100 Words from the New Testament for the purpose of review.

This book is very well organized, making it easy to use.  The words are given in alphabetical order at the very beginning so you can easily find the information you need.  The introduction is helpful in explaining the value and importance of doing word studies.  The way the book is written gives way to three different usages:
  1. It can be used as a reference volume to look up words you come across in your Bible reading.  Ms Kent suggests this:  "Cultivate the habit of reading slowly.  As you read, notice which words in the text stand out to you or give you pause...When a specific word strikes you or puzzles you, use this book as a reference tool to look up words you've encountered in your daily reading."
  2. It can be used as a study guide to help you in doing your own word studies.  If the word you are looking for is not found in Deeper Into The Word, use Ms Kent's technique as a tutorial of sorts to do your own study.
  3. Lastly the book can be read one chapter at a time devotionally.  Ms Kent gives a lot of scripture references using each word to show different contexts in which the word is used.  The reader might choose to spend several days focusing on one word.
That's the beauty of this resource.  It is well written and organized and very versatile.  I recommend you get this book especially if you regularly teach Sunday School or lead Bible studies.  I have used it over the past several weeks to help in my lesson prep for Sunday School.  I have found it an extremely valuable tool, especially on those weeks when I just don't have time to do the in depth word studies on my own.

You can read an excerpt of Deeper Into The Word by going HERE.
You can order directly from Bethany House by going HERE.

Or if you are an user, you can order by following the link given below:

I understand that the Old Testament version of this work is being released in November of this year!


Mariel said...

sounds like a great resource to have on hand! will be looking for it! :)