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Monday, June 20, 2011

False Witness

If your are looking for some good Summer time fiction to read, I have an awesome writer to tell you about and his latest book False Witness, will surely be one to pick up.  Randy Singer, the author, by day is a litigation attorney specializing in complex personal injury cases and commercial litigation for the law firm of Wilcox and Savage.  He is also teaching pastor for Trinity Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He teaches classes in advocacy and ethics at Regent Law School as well.  On top of all these things, he began pursuing his passion to write a few years ago.  You can visit Randy's personal website by going HERE.  Randy pens legal thrillers designed to entertain his readers while confronting them with controversial issues.

Singer took a trip to India a few years ago and saw firsthand the systemic oppression of the Dalits (formerly known as untouchables) through the Hindu caste system.  Singer is deeply passionate about helping end the human rights struggle in India that includes the exploitation of 15 million children in bonded labor and the toleration of temple prostitution and other forms of sexual slavery.  He is donating all royalties from the sale of False Witness to the Dalit Freedom Network, which works to provide Dalit children a first-class education and to free them from the bondage of human trafficking. 

The idea for the book came to Singer at the funeral for one of his good friends and former clients.  His friend had been a part of the witness protection program.  The friend's pastor made this statement and after hearing it Singer decided to write False Witness:
"The government can give you a new identity, but only Christ can change your life."
False Witness is a fast moving legal thriller.  Singer does an amazing job of drawing you in with the very first few paragraphs.  He peppers little details along the way that cause you to keep turning page after page.  Just when you think you have things figured out, Singer throws in a twist and turn.  You will go from the streets of Las Vegas to the halls of the American justice system and you will gain insight into the growing church in India.  In the end, the reader comes away with knowing how God is a God of justice and how, in His time, justice will be served.

Believe me, you don't want to miss this one!  If you like John Grisham as an author, you will LOVE Randy Singer's False Witness.  I have my local library getting a copy of his other books for me!

You can order the book from by following the link provided below:

So grab a great Summer read and at the same time you will be playing a part in the extinction of human trafficking in India.