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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Heart Of Memory

I've always been intrigued by the changes in some people after they have had heart procedures.  Medical advances that allow a surgeon to actually hold and manipulate the heart of a human being is amazing and I always have wondered how these surgeries affect the person.  Does it cause any change in personalities, emotions or abilities to cope with life in general?  Does it change the person in any way?

Alison Strobel explores this phenomenon in her novel The Heart Of Memory.  Savannah Trover (main character) is wife, mother, and ministry leader.  Early in the book, Savannah finds she has an enlarged heart and is experiencing heart failure which leads to the need for a heart transplant.

From the back cover of the book:
"Savannah expected to receive a new heart...but she didn't expect to lose her faith."
Ms Strobel weaves an amazing story of the changes that take place in Savannah after her surgery.  The side story of her husband Shaun's secret adds a bit of mystery to their story that holds the reader until the very last page.  And the strained relationship between Savannah and her daughter Jessie make for a heart wrenching tale of family dynamics.  There is a lot on the line for Savannah...will she walk away from her ministry?  Will she lose her husband and daughter?  Will she ever regain her faith in God?

The author Alison Strobel, daughter of Lee Strobel, has written children's books with her husband.  I have read and reviewed two of them:  That's When I Talk To God and That's Where God IsThe Heart Of Memory is the first of her novels I have read and I was not disappointed.  Her other novel is The Weight Of Shadows.  I certainly plan to get my hands on that one.  You can find out more about Ms Strobel at her personal website by going HERE

Zondervan sent me a copy of The Heart Of Memory for the purpose of providing you with this review.  The book can be ordered from them by going HERE.  The book can also be ordered at by following the link below:

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