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Monday, July 11, 2011

Shuckin' Awe!

Hopefully that wonderful post title will make some sense in a little bit :)

Anyway, last week we had a wonderful surprise:  a visit from my mom and step-dad.  They traveled from the East-Central part of Mississippi and only got to stay two and a half days, but we enjoyed every single minute!  I know this trip was a sacrifice for them financially and otherwise with a car that is needing some repair, but I appreciate their visit so much!
I know one little girl that enjoyed having her "ganny" around.  By Tuesday morning she was calling for her "ganny" to get her out of the bed when she woke up.
Since they were here on the Fourth of July, we cooked out on the grill.  Cecily and Granny made potato salad to go with the baked beans (with pineapple), burgers and Johnsonville brats.

Bentley and Cecily made a Piston Cup Pizza for our dessert.
It turned out so cute and was delicious!!!  Later that evening we watched fireworks outside and shot a few ourselves.
Tuesday morning, we enjoyed some watermelon that Granny and Pops had brought with them.  It was so good and sweet.

As you can tell, the kiddos really got "into" their watermelon!  Cecily taught her grandparents how to play Spoons card game and I wish you could have been fly on the wall!  After a while of just lazin' around, we took Granny and Pops to Sonic happy hour for some drinks and an ice cream cone to celebrate their anniversary.
Now for the Shuckin' Awe part.  I know all of you remember George Bush's "Shock and Awe" campaign during the Gulf War?  Well this was our Shuckin' Awe:
Cecily had gone grocery shopping with me before Granny and Pops came down and she noticed the awesome deal Publix had on fresh corn.  She wanted some, but didn't want to "shuck in public" as she put it.  The real deal is that she didn't know how!  So, Granny and Pops took her back to Publix and bought that girl some corn and taught her how to shuck corn on the comfort of her own back porch!  We had it with supper that night and it was so good!

The next morning was Wednesday and Granny and Pops were packing up to leave, but before they left, Cecily made Pops a birthday cake.  He turned the big 60!  Somebody wanted to help a little with the icing:

Before they left, we had to get just a few more rounds of Spoons in:
Granny became quite the competitor!  We had the best fun while they were here!  We didn't go anywhere or do anything big, but sometimes simple fun with the ones you love is just the best!


Amy said...

Looks like it was a fun visit!

jodi said...

Piston Cup Pizza??? LOL! Emery would LOVE it! :)

What a fun few days! Priceless!!!