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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Face to Face


Set in the tumultuous world during Jesus' earthly life, here is a timeless story of suffering, longing, and healing. Conflicts arise between a young woman's devotion to God and the demon that holds her captive; between her attempts to free herself and the judgment and condemnation of others; between the rabbi named Jesus and the legalistic religious leaders; between the daily reality of Roman oppression and the Jewish hopes of a Deliverer-Messiah.
A vivid imagining of the account in Luke 13:10-17, where Jesus calls the bent-over woman to himself.

 Author Bio:
Catherine was born in Colorado and grew up as a pastor's daughter in seven towns up and down the state of California. She has loved to write since she was a child, having her first poem published in a national periodical at the age of twelve, and since then her byline has appeared in numerous periodicals and book compilations. She has a BA degree in English from Pasadena College. She served as a church musician for many years, as a private piano teacher, a public school substitute teacher and English reader, and freelance writer and editor. Cathy and her husband, Larry, have participated in and led volunteer short-term mission teams to Mexico, South Africa, Venezuela, Sicily & Rome, and Peru.
After living in Santa Rosa, California, for thirty years the Lawtons moved to Colorado, returning to Cathy's roots. Besides the publishing business, Cathy enjoys gardening and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. The Lawtons love spending time with their two grown children and their spouses, and their five beautiful grandchildren.
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Purchasing Info:
Trade Paperback
192 pgs
Available through most stores and online retailers.
You can purchase it now at:
Just-released: Amazon Kindle Version
Or buy from the publisher on sale this week for $9.74 at

Chapter 1 can be read by going HERE



Catherine Lawton said...

What a fun blog (gets me in the Christmas spirit) you have and you share many interesting tidbits with your readers, especially for young mothers.

Thanks for posting about my biblical novel, Face to Face. The main character, "Joakima" is portrayed as a young mother with many of the same interests, challenges, hopes and dreams.

Blessings to you,
Catherine Lawton