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Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost A First-Grader!

Bentley had his Kindergarten graduation/moving up ceremonies on Wednesday.
He has really done well this year and we are so very proud of him!  He adjusted to his teacher and being in the classroom with little effort and loves school.  It has been so special to see how he's grown this year.
The kids all marched into the school's auditorium to "Pomp and Circumstance" with their little hats on.  They were all grinning really big and were so cute!
That's Ms Weigman at the Podium.  She has been a really good teacher.  Bentley bonded with her from the start of the year and has responded to her well.  She was really good about communicating with us as parents on Bentley's progress giving us ideas about how to help him succeed.
Bentley received his "diploma" from Ms Carlsen (assistant principal) and Dr. Santini (principal of NFMAA).
Bentley received the following awards:
  • "A" honor roll
  • Accelerated Reading Participation
  • Accelerated Reading Goal (He met his goal all four quarters of the school year)
  • Dragon Award (Principal's award for the class)
  • Reading Award
  • Math Award
  • Excellent Attendance for missing less than 5 days of school
 (Dr. Santini and Ms Weigman)
 (Bentley is the 6th from the right on the front row.)
They may fight sometimes, but JennaBeth loves her "bubba".  After the graduation ceremony, the Parent Teacher Organization had cupcakes and ice cream for the students and their families in the cafeteria. 
Cecily wasn't able to come because she was in class.  She's been busy finishing up her last year in middle school!  We'll be attending her 8th grade graduation next Thursday.
The last picture is Bentley with Ms Weigman.  I had prayed really hard for some time before Bentley ever started school that he would have a really good teacher that he would respond to well and bond with and that he would have an exciting first year in school that would motivate and give him a great desire to learn and do well.  God has graced us with an affirmative "yes" to both those prayers in Ms Weigman and an amazing first year at NFMAA.