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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Prayer for My Kids on the Day after Mother's Day

A Mother's Prayer
(originally by Mrs. Mary Steadman Roe)

Oh, Thou who hast been my God, my father's God, my father's father's God,
my mother's God, my mother's mother's God;
I come before Thee now to entreat Thee solemnly to be also my children's God.
 Thou, all-great Jehovah, and Thou alone, knowest the value of my children's souls,
and Thou alone canst save Them.  
Oh, let Thine arms of mercy and love be constantly about them
to preserve them from the follies of childhood, the dangers of youth,
and the sins of maturer years.
Thou knowest the anxieties of a parent's heart,
and Thou hast more than a parent's love for all whom Thou takest
into Thy care and protection.
Oh, let my beloved children be some of those blessed ones
whom Thou carriest in Thine arms,
whom Thou leadest gently,
whom Thou wilt watch over every moment of their pilgrimage below, 
and of whom at last Thou wilt pronounce,
"Of such is the kingdom of heaven".
Let Thy restraining grace be exercised toward them, to protect them
from evil dispositions, unamiable tempers,
disobedience, and all outward immoralities.
May they love each other and their parents,
and learn to take pleasure in denying themselves for each other
and for the sake of all who may come withing their reach.
Preserve them from carelessness, laziness, wandering habits,
and improper companions.
And oh, great God, above all things,
let Thy converting grace enlarge their hearts
that their parents may have the unspeakable happiness
of seeing them all follow the dear Savior;
or, if their mother should not be allowed the blessedness of seeing 
this great change wrought upon them while on earth,
may I be called to rejoice over it in the bright regions
of eternal glory.
Oh, my Savior, 
take my children into Thy care and keeping.
I confess that I am not worthy of the least of all Thy mercies,
much less am I worthy to ask Thee for so great favors,
yet I would not be discouraged,
for Thou hast said,
"Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it",
and I do trust that through the merits of the Savior alone
Thy sovereign mercy may lay hold of my dear children,
and that they may, every one, spend their lives in Thy service.
And oh,
enable me to labor incessantly for their conversion,
to pray without ceasing for them,
and to endeavor, by all means in my power,
to impress the truth of the gospel on their minds
and to seek with all earnestness that the Holy Spirit
may impress those truths on their minds while they are yet young.