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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Choice

I have some thoughts about the tragic shooting in Colorado as well as some other things about life in general to share tomorrow, but today I want to introduce you to my new favorite fiction author.  I know, I know...I've said a thousand times before that I've discovered "my new favorite", but...
this gentleman's writing is really something else!

Robert Whitlow is the best-selling author of legal novels set in the South and winner of the prestigious Christy Award for Contemporary Fiction. A Furman University graduate, Whitlow received his J.D. with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law where he served on the staff of the Georgia Law Review. A practicing attorney, Whitlow and his wife, Kathy, have four children. They make their home in North Carolina.

You can learn more about Mr. Whitlow by visiting his website found at

Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of Whitlow's latest book The Choice for the purpose of review.

 One Young Woman. Two Very Different Roads.

The Choice will Change Everything.

Even as a pregnant, unwed teen in 1974, Sandy Lincoln wanted to do the right thing. But when an ancient woman approached her in a convenience store with a mysterious prophecy and a warning, doing the right thing became even more unclear. She made the best choice she could. But now, thirty-four years later, another pregnant, unwed teen has come into her life, and Sandy's long-ago decision has come back to haunt her. The stakes rise quickly, leaving Sandy with split seconds to choose once more. But will her spur-of-the-moment decision bring life . . . or death?

Mr. Whitlow writes with such descriptive detail and emotion that you are not only reading the story, you feel as if you are a part of the see, smell, and feel what is taking place on any given page.  He writes with knowledge of the "pro-choice"/"pro-life" debate and does so with compassion and sensitivity.

Summed up in one word The Choice is about sacrifice.  From "A Note From The Author" at the end of the book:
"My ultimate hope is that readers of this story, regardless of age or gender, will be encouraged to make unselfish, sacrificial choices.  Laying down our lives for others, in big and small ways, is a the heart of Christian living.  Jesus said, 'Greater love has no one than this:  to lay down one's life for one's friends' (John 15:13).  Wouldn't more of that be a good thing?"

I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Choice and meet a woman that made sacrificial choices in her life at the moments that really mattered.

You can order your copy at by going HERE. 

I can't wait to read more from Robert Whitlow!