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Thursday, July 26, 2012


"It's not a dead end if it takes you somewhere you needed to go."
Mike and I were privileged to be a part of a VIP screening of a movie produced by Harbinger Media Partners a few weeks ago.  Take a look at the movie trailer:

And this shares the intention and heart of the movie from the producers:

From the promotional materials for Unconditional:
  • "And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.  God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them."
  • "God redeemed us with an unfathomable act of love, and because He first loved us, He has gifted us all to love others.  There is life after broken moments.  There is hope even in the darkest of places.  God uses everything for His good.  No matter your age, resources or skills, you can make a difference.  Please pray with us that Unconditional introduces audiences to the God that created and loves us all, and motivates believers and unbelievers alike to pursue God and serve others.  Together, we can make an impact in the name of Jesus."
I was pleasantly surprised by Unconditional.  The production and script of the movie is exceptional and the actors (especially the children) were phenomenal!  What you'll find in Unconditional is real life.  The harsh realities that 24.7 million fatherless children face are not sugar-coated and the life lived by the 16.4 million children living in poverty is shown in living color.  But don't worry...this isn't just another "do-gooder" movie.  It is a movie that will challenge the viewer with the reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how He transforms a life with His amazing grace to look and serve beyond him or herself in His strength.

While gripping and emotional, I believe Harbinger has provided believers with a tool for evangelism and life change in Unconditional.  This isn't just another "Christian movie" that you can take your non-believing friends to in hopes that "God will get a hold of them".  It is a movie that will begin discussion centered on the good news of the gospel and will position the viewer to answer one question:  How will I respond?

Mark your calender for September 2.  And plan to take at least one other person with you to see Unconditional!

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