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Monday, November 5, 2012


Jennie is a Bible teacher who is passionate about inspiring a new generation of women to encounter the invisible God.  Raised in a Christian home, Jennie heard about God her entire life but not until high school did she see her need for Him.  Since that time she has been teaching groups of young girls and women about her God.
Jennie studied at the University of Arkansas for three years.  She met and married her husband Zac Allen and moved to Tennessee where she completed her B.S. in Communications at Carsen Newman College.  She and Zac later attended Dallas Theological Seminary at the same time.  Jennie graduated with a Masters in Biblical Studies in 2005.
Thomas Nelson signed Jennie to a multi-project contract in 2011, which includes a seven-part series of DVD-based Bible studies and two trade books.  Her first Bible study Stuck:  The Places We Get Stuck and The God Who Sets Us Free (Sept. 2011), is uniquely relational, interactive and digs deep quickly.  Jennie's first trade book Anything:  The Prayer that Unlocked My God and My Soul (April 2012) recounts the journey into surrender that Jennie, her family and  her church have recently traveled.
Readers will discover that Jennie's writing is marked by personal authencticity and vulnerability, and she encourages women to go to these same places as they study Scripture.  "I want to provide places for women to wrestle with truth, so that we are more fully living what we know about God, not just learning about Him.  As God gets bigger to us, our lives start to change."
Jennies and Zac have four children:  Conner, Kate, Caroline and Cooper.  They live and minister in Austin, TX where Zac is pastor at Austin Stone Community Church. 

Chase:  Chasing after the heart of God is Ms Allen's latest DVD-Based Bible study.  Chase is an 8-week (introduction and 7 sessions) DVD-based Bible study of the life of King David and some of the Psalms he penned.  The video teaching segments are 8 to 10 minutes in length and offer a starting place to meet with God and begin transparent conversations.  The study guide uses projects, stories and Bible study to engage the participant's mind and heart.  Also included in the study kit are conversation cards which offer questions for spontaneous and authentic discussion.  A leader's guide is included in the study kit as well.

Chase:  Chasing after the Heart of God is different from many other Bible studies in that while it is biblical and offers a study of scripture, it is written in more of a devotional style.  While Ms Allen certainly offers sound biblical teaching, she has written this study in such a way that the participant is given the opportunity and resources to enter into an open and honest conversation with God through the study of His word.  Chase really is the perfect blend of deep and engaging Bible study and personal devotion.

The study is beautifully packaged - the colors and graphics used catch the eye immediately.  Each week's study is deep and engaging, but not overwhelming.  The teaching segments, which run about 8 to 10 minutes, are concise and offer a starting point for deeper exploration of God's Word.  My only complaint has nothing at all to do with content or Ms Allen's writing or teaching, but with production.  During her DVD teaching segments, there is music playing in the background the entire time she is speaking.  This becomes a little distracting  and almost annoying after a few minutes.

The resources offered in the study kit (leader's guide/conversation cards) are very helpful making this an easy to use resource for the facilitator of the study.  I really appreciate Ms Allen's style of writing and teaching in Chase.  Again, she offers sound biblical teaching, but leaves room for the participant's own conversation with God.  Our ladies' leadership team at my church is considering this for our Winter Bible Study. 

The study can be ordered at by going HERE.