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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mellow, Yellow, Smellow!

I know, I know..."smellow" isn't a word.

Last night Cecily (our oldest - 15, who for some unknown reason has the Department of Motor Vehicles on the brain) participated in the Poetry Recitation Competition at her high school.  This competition is a part of the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest. 
 (Cecily is fourth from the right, back row.)
Each participant is chosen by their teacher after classroom recitations.  There were 16 students who took part in the school level competition last night in hope of moving to the State level competition in Tallahassee in March.  After the first round, Cecily's recitation of "Epitaph on the Tombstone of a Child, the Last of Seven that Died Before" by Aphra Behn landed her a spot in the second round.  This was quite an honor, because only five students were chosen to participate in this second round.
In the second round, Cecily presented William Wordsworth's "The Tables Turned".  She placed third among the top four presenters!  There was one place in the poem where she used the word "mellow" instead of "yellow".  Or was it "yellow" instead of "mellow"?  Or...I don't know...but what I do know is that I am so very proud of her!  I may be even more proud of her teacher, Mr. Duffy.  He pushed her to be involved in this particular event, because he has taken the time to notice the potential that she has.  I think the sign of a great teacher is one who takes note of their students' particular strengths and talents and makes special effort to help them shine.  Thank you Mr. Duffy for doing this for Cecily!
(Cecily with two of her friends, who also were involved in the competition - Cassidee and Bri.)
One Proud Mama,