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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Unholy Communion

Donna Fletcher Crow is author of 40 books, mostly novels dealing with British history. The award-winning Glastonbury, A Novel of the Holy Grail, an Arthurian grail search epic covering 15 centuries of English history, is her best-known work.  Besides The Monastery Murders series she is also the author of The Lord Danvers series of Victorian true-crime novels and the romantic suspense series The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries.  She has twice won first place in the Historical Fiction category from the National Association of Press Women, and has also been a finalist for "Best Inspirational Novel" from the Romance Writers of America. She is a member of The Arts Centre Group, and Sisters in Crime.  Donna and her husband live in Boise, Idaho.  They have four adult children and 11 grandchildren.  She is an enthusiastic gardener.
You can connect with Donna through her website found at or through Facebook.

An Unholy Communion is the third book in The Monastery Murders Series, with A Very Private Grave and A Darkly Hidden Truth preceding.  A Muffled Tolling is the fourth book forthcoming.

Following the ancient tradition, ordinands from the College of the Transfiguration gather at first light on Ascension morning to sing their praises from the top of the college's tallest tower. Not one to miss any liturgy, Felicity finds herself swept up in worship as she listens to the timeless words. But her delight quickly turns to horror when a black-robed body hurtles over the precipice and lands at her feet. Her investigative instincts immediately kick in when she sees a double-headed snake emblem clutched in the lifeless hand. Was this suicide? Or murder?  Matters grow murkier as Felicity and Antony, leading a youth pilgrimage through rural Wales, encounter the same sinister symbol as they travel.  Lurking figures follow them.  The a body is found face-down in a well...

My Thoughts:
Ms Crow certainly knows her craft well.  She is an astute student of British History and incorporates it fluently into her story.  Although I did not read the first two novels in this series, Ms Crow's description and characterization is so well done that it read as a stand alone novel.  I'd be interested in going back to book one and following Felicity's story from the beginning.  I appreciated the glossary of terms included at the beginning of the book as well as the maps.  Ms Crow expertly combines historical fiction and modern mystery and provides her readers with a story easy to get lost in!

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Donna Fletcher Crow said...

Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for your lovely review. I'm delighted that you enjoyed Felicity's adventures. Thank you for introducing me to your readers.

Donna, Mother of Four