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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's Your Mark?

Jeremy Cowart is a professional, award-winning artist and photographer from Nashville, TN.  Beginning as a graphic designer, Jeremy was lured by the prospect of bringing new texture into his design work.  He picked up a camera seven years ago and photography soon became his passion. 

Jeremy quickly became a respected artistic voice in the industry.  Not only has Jeremy photographed some of the most famous faces in the world, he also uses his time and gifts to give back to those around him.  Jeremy believes Christ's commission to "Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation" is more about action than talk and more about living one's faith than telling others how to be faithful.  Jeremy holds the belief that his work is a reflection of what God is doing in his own life; therefore, his goal has always been to use his creativity, platform and ideas to help those in need.  He enjoys spending his time on social art, developing and working on creative, collaborative projects that will make an impact. 

Jeremy has worked with multiple nonprofit organizations and traveled throughout Africa and Haiti to photograph and bring awareness to the needs of those people.  He is also the founder of Help-Portrait, a worldwide movement of photographers using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those less fortunate. 

You can connect with Jeremy through his website (, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

What's Your Mark:  Every Moment Counts is a beautiful book from cover to content.  The book is filled with Cowart's captivating photos (21 full-color), soul-stirring scripture (taken from the gospel of Mark - NIV) and compelling stories of people from all walks of life including:
Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Esther Havens, Lecrae, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, Jeff Shinabarger, Fred Katagwa, Gary Haugen, Jena Nardella, Laura Lasky, Ellie Amrose, Dan Cathy, Shaun King, Manny Martinez, Donald Collins, Shannon Sedgwick Davis, Ann Voskamp, Caitlin Crosby, Katie Davis, Bob Goff.

The reader of What's Your Mark is presented with thought provoking and challenging questions such as:
How are you using social media to make a positive mark on the world?
How can you look past yourself to make a mark on others?
What are you saying that is making a mark?
How can you use what you know to inspire others to make a mark?
How can you use your history to make a mark on someone else's future?
How can Christ shine through you as you lead at your job?
Which people is God connecting you with to help you make a mark?

I appreciate that this book presents Christ and His word as the primary foundation and motivation of all that we do with our lives as followers of Him.  Whole chapters from the book of Mark are given so that biblical context is clear; coupled with the stories, this provides an amazing picture of Scripture and application literally in living colorWhat's Your Mark is a book that you will want to leave out on your coffee table to look at frequently and be available to any guests in your home.

Regardless of your bank account, station in life, locale, or personality...YOU CAN MAKE A MARK!

*Thank you B&B Media for sending the complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of this review.