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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our God Comes: Antioch Live

That song is just one from the worship team of Antioch Community Church in Waco, TX from their new cd Our God Comes.  

"The Antioch Movement, which began more than 20 years ago, is dedicated to seeing the local church reproduce the Kingdom of God through prayer, evangelism and discipleship throughout the United States and around the world.  We are a people passionate for Jesus and His purposes in the earth.  It is from these values that we worship Jesus with all our hearts and lives.  This music is part of the soundtrack of our journey."

Tracks included on this newest cd are:
1.  Come
2.  God and King
3.  Wonderful Counselor
4.  God Who Saves
5.  How Much More
6.  I Will Raise
7.  Light Me Up
8.  Awaken Us
9.  One Hundred Three
10.  Savior Forever
11.  Our God Comes

I've enjoyed having this cd in my car to listen to.  The songs included are worshipful and engage the heart and mind in spirit filled and truthful adoration of God.  While so many modern praise and worship songs are repetitive, these by Antioch Live are not.  The are focused on exalting Almighty God in true worship and in many instances, the lyrics are straight from Scripture.  Consider these lyrics from Track 9...One Hundred Three:
Father full of love/ You have not dealt with us according to our sins/Father of love/ You have shown mercy mercy for Your children/For you know that we are merely dust in the wind/And You know that we are weary from this world that we live in/You are strong and You are mercy/Great are You here in this place/You are love and You're forgiving/You've turned this world around by the pouring of Your grace/Bless the Lord O my soul/Bless His holy name all the earth/Bless the Lord O my soul/You are worthy You are worthy/Father of love/You wrap us up in grace crown us with compassion/Father of love/You heal our sicknesses every single one/You are worthy of blessing and honor/Glory and power and wisdom and thanks.
My only criticism of the cd has to do with the production of the cd itself.  The music and voices didn't seem to be mixed equally.  I had to turn the cd up really loud to be able to hear and make out the lyrics and voices for most of the length of the cd.

You will be blessed by adding Our God Comes to your collection of praise and worship music.  You can order the cd by going HERE.

Thank you Rick Robertson with B&B Media for sending the cd for the purpose of this review.