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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reliable Truth

Richard E. Simmons III received his B.A. from the University of the South (Sewanee) in Economics in 1976.  He later studied Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University prior to beginning a 25-year career with Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton, a property and casualty insurance firm where he was CEO for ten years.
Much of Simmons' life has been devoted to giving back to the community by advising businessmen and professionals.  Through these experiences, he discovered he had a calling for teaching and public speaking.
In December 2002, Simmons founded the Center for Executive Leadership, a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry.  As the Executive Director of the center, Simmons teaches men's Bible studies, counsels individuals and oversees a talented group of professional and personal counselors.  When he's not spending time with his wife and three children, you will find him teaching, counseling, writing, or speaking to men's groups across the country.
To learn more about The Center for Executive Leadership and Richard, you can visit the website at
What do science, history, and logic have to say about the reliability of the Bible?
This book presents in a profound way how the Bible reflects the true nature of reality.  Reliable Truth is about seeing the world as it is while debunking the myths, legends and false beliefs about the Bible.
In Reliable Truth, Simmons helps us to answer a most important question:  How did you come to these conclusions in your spiritual life?  In the preface to the book, Simmons opens with this quote from Aristotle:
"All men by nature desire to know."
Simmons himself goes on to say:
"I often wonder how many people actually ask themselves why they believe what they believe.  In fact, I would say it is not only appropriate but also right to give considerable thought to where we get our ideas about God, even if we are skeptical that he even exists.  What has shaped and formed our views of spiritual reality?  What are the primary sources that have formed our spiritual ideas and beliefs?  Most significantly, how reliable are these sources?"
Simmons has written and provided a very well written, well-ordered and very compelling argument for the validity of Scripture and its account of the God-Man Jesus Christ.  Through a thorough treatment of history, archeology, ancient writings, development of the cannon of Scripture, science, the moral imperative and a look at the life of Jesus and His resurrection, Simmons succinctly lays before his readers the "evidence" and prompts the right investigative questions to be asked.
If you have a friend or acquaintance, who struggles with doubts or misunderstandings about the Bible and its reliability, Reliable Truth would be a most helpful book to purchase and go through with them.  In a world where everything seems relative and people want to live in the "gray" areas, this is an important and timely book.