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Monday, December 2, 2013

The War On Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition, and Religious Expression

Bodie Hodge has been a writer, speaker, and researcher for Answers in Genesis since 2003. He writes and speaks on a host of topics including The Fall of Satan and The Tower of Babel. He is passionate about providing biblical answers to believers, seekers, and non-believers. He oversees AiG's Correspondence Department and is a regular speaker in the Creation Museum Speaker Series.  Bodie and his wife Renee were married in 2004 and have one daughter.
You can read more by Bodie and learn more about his work with Answers in Genesis by visiting the website at
Find the truth about Christmas and the Christian's response to a culture that seems to be declaring war on traditions and the Bible!
Christmas - with its holiday lights, bright packages, and nativity displays - has become a controversial frontline in the increasingly intolerant culture wars.  Whether or not to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays", how to refer to the tree, and just how "biblical" Christmas may actually be is debated online, during city council meetings, and in courthouses each year.
Filled with family get-togethers, office parties, breaks from school and festivities, Christmas should be a time of peace and love - not arguments over who can celebrate what and where or when.  So why has so much controversy clouded this sacred holiday?  Nativity scenes are nixed and even the word "Christmas" is considered offensive by some.  Get the facts behind the history, relevance, and biblical connections of this beloved holiday:
  • Is it a bunch of pagan symbols or traditions "Christianized" for the celebration?
  • Why is a Christian concept of Christmas so important for those who don't believe in Jesus?
  • Most say Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, but are we truly worshiping Him or just celebrating the earthly gifts we give ourselves?
Christmas can be a delightful but at the same time very frustrating time of year!  Why?  Well Bodie Hodges helps us unpack all the reasons why Christmas seems to be in a war of sorts.  Housed in a beautifully full-color and illustrated glossy paged book, the story of Christmas is told biblically, historically, and traditionally.  Everything from the origins of Christmas, the timeline surrounding Christ's birth, and misconceptions surrounding Christmas are covered.  Answers to questions such as "When was Jesus born?" and "Winter time worship:  Santa Claus or Jesus?" are explored as well as discussion around the age old controversy of what exactly the "X" in X-Mas stands for and should we even use that phrase?

No stone is left unturned in the discussion about Christmas in The War On Christmas.  I found the book to be very eye opening and helpful in gaining perspective heading into the month of December. Bodie helps the reader to come full circle around the whole Christmas controversy and brings you right back to the deepest truth to be considered in it all...Immanuel, God With Us!

I have a feeling that I'll be returning to the book often this Christmas season and plan to display the book in my home as a well expected conversation starter this season.

Merry Christmas!