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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Passing Through: Pilgrim Life In The Wilderness

Jeremy Walker is a pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley, England; author of Life in Christ and The Brokenhearted Evangelist, and coauthor of A Portrait of Paul:  Identifying a True Minister  of Christ.

You can connect with Jeremy and learn more about his ministry at:
Maidenbower Baptist Church
The Wanderer Blog
Twitter (@peregrinus75)

Don't miss an insightful interview Shaun Tabatt conducted with Jeremy HERE.

Jeremy's Sermon - The Finished Work (Feb. 1, 2015):

As twenty-first-century Christians, we must relate to the world, but the question is, how do we relate to it?  Some Christians are scared, others are simply bewildered, and still others capitulate to the spirit of the age.  In Passing Through, Pastor Jeremy Walker presents the biblical perspective that Christians are pilgrims passing through this fallen world who must cultivate the spirit of holy separation alongside holy engagement as they serve Christ in all their interactions.  Unless we embrace this identity, we will lose our way.  Reminding us that we need "the Word of God as our map and and the Spirit of Christ as our compass," Pastor Walker clearly presents principles for holy engagement with the world and separation from it for pilgrims on their way home, seeking to glorify the God of their salvation every step of the way.

My Thoughts:
Jeremy Walker has written a very timely and much needed book for the perilous times in which we currently live.  How do we as believers in Jesus Christ and followers of the One True God engage with the world and maintain our "holy separation" while loving as He does and bringing glory to Him? Some days the task seems daunting.
In Passing Through, Jeremy helps readers work through that question within carefully presented Scriptural frameworks.  Jeremy is thorough when presenting his ideas and is diligent in helping readers to see the possibility of a life surrendered to God and the mission of Christ His Son in the world.
Some of my favorite quotes (There were many...too many to share here, which is why you would blessed to get your own copy of this book!):
"Whatever privileges we enjoy, whatever blessings we receive, whatever mercies have been bestowed upon us, they are fuel to the fire of praise, that God in His glory as the Deliverer may be exalted by us and through us in the world.  Our experience and existence declare that there is a God who saves.  Praising Him is no chore, no burden, to the Christian who has grasped what he has been made by God in Christ."
"Being precedes and determines doing."
"There are no men upon the face of the earth who darken the glory of God so much as those who profess to be followers of Jesus and yet live carelessly."
"Our Lord identifies Himself as the determining factor and the abiding paradigm for our relationship to the world...In John 17 the Lord speaks of Christians as those who, having been given His world, now sustain a relationship to the world that is conditioned by their likeness to and connection with Him."
Published by Reformation Heritage Books, Passing Through is a book I can highly recommend and one to be savored.  I know I'll be returning to it often in the days to come.

*I received a copy of this book from Cross Focused Media, LLC for the purpose of providing this review.  All opinions are my own.