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Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures and More Pictures

Last week my mom and sister along with my nephew and two nieces were able to make the very long trip down from Mississippi. It feels really weird to say "down from MS", but living in Southwest Florida everything else is "up" from where we are. The only thing South of us is Miami and Cuba!
Anyway we had a good time with them this past week. One of the hard things about being a ministry family is being willing and obedient to go where God may send you to serve. Our present place of service is far away from family, so we don't get to see them often. Cecily, Bentley, and JennaBeth were blessed to get in some "granny time".

Here is granny with the girls.

JennaBeth was concentrating on something on the ground. Probably all the ants that are about to tote us off!
This is my sister's youngest little girl, Leah, with JennaBeth. The girls were sporting their purple jammies.
This is Bentley with his cousin Ryan, my sister's oldest child. Bentley loved having his cousin Ryan around for the week. He was so attached to him, and insisted on sleeping with him every night they were here. Bentley got up this morning and said, "Mommy, I've been dreaming." I asked him, "Whatcha been dreaming about?" And he said, "I been dreaming about my cousin Ryan." He really misses him.
Here's my sister giving JennaBeth a bottle. She and my mom fought over who would give her the next bottle during the week. I'm not sure why her leg is sticking straight up, but she waved that leg about the whole time Kristi was feeding her.
This picture shows JennaBeth prolonging her bed time. I think she was just wanting some extra Granny snuggles!
Here is the baby girl with her newest toy, a Leap Frog Exersaucer. My brother's wife is letting her borrow her little girl's. Thank you Aunt Julie (that's from JennaBeth)!
And of course, we had to make a trip to the beach while the family was in town! The morning we went it was very windy and the waves were huge. This made time in the water very tricky and a little nerve wracking for us mommas trying to keep up with the little ones in the water. However, the waves and blue sky made from some great photos.

Here is Bentley and granny playing in the sand.
Don't worry! We didn't keep JennaBeth out in the sun! But, we did get a few pictures of her getting in on some of the sand action.

Bentley is sporting his SpongeBob hat. He thought he was too cute. Isn't he the cutest little beach bum you have ever seen?
Here is the littlest beach bum with granny.
If you can stand the pink.......
We were hard pressed to get this picture. It was hot and the crew of kiddos were very tired at this point. As you can see, JennaBeth had said, "The heck with this mess!" and had fallen asleep.

These are my two favorite guys in the whole world. I think they are both pretty cute, oh excuse me, handsome!!
Finally, the last picture in this post....... Aren't these the cutest feet ever?

Well, that concludes this extremely long post full of pictures! I wouldn't trade them for anything though. I love pictures and even better than that I love pictures of my kids! I feel like time is passing so quickly that I want to capture as many of them as possible.

And speaking of time, come back tomorrow. I have some thoughts whirling around in my head about time that I'd like to share. Thanks for enduring all the pics with me and have a blessed rest of your day!



jodi said...

I love the story about Bentley and Ryan. Little boys just adore the bigger ones!