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Sunday, October 11, 2009


We went to the Island Coast Homecoming football game Friday night and cheered the Gators on to a 23-8 victory over another local highschool.  One of our youth at church is a Senior and we wanted to go support him.

Go Birchel!!

That's him standing on the sideline... number 8.

Bentley adores all the big boys at church and especially Birchel, because he plays football.  We live less than a mile from the school and everyday when we go to pick Cecily up from school he is straining out his window to see the guys practicing.  He always asks where is Birchel.

This was JennaBeth's first football game and she loved it.  The noise did not bother her one bit!

As you can see, she enjoyed cheering on the Gators!  She ate her supper at the game and I just knew she would konk out on us.  She stayed awake the whole time!  She did not fuss one time.

JennaBeth liked the Gator mascot and the cheerleaders.  She just couldn't understand why her daddy kept yelling.  I think she jumped every time he did!

Cecily brought her friend Macy to the game.  Macy's brother goes to Island Coast.

Here is Macy, Cecily, Bentley and Birchel's little sister Christina.

Earlier in the day, Bentley had his four year old check up at the pediatrician's office.  He did really well even with having to get three shots.  He would have gotten four except they were out of the flu vaccine dosage for his age group.
Speaking of flu vaccines, what are your thoughts on giving them to your little ones?  I'm not quite sure how I feel about them, especially the H1N1 vaccine.

Anyway, Bentley weighed 43 lbs. and was 43 inches tall.  The nurse told him she guessed he was a square.  He thought that was funny.  We thought we were done after the shots then Dr. R's nurse said the doctor wanted a urinalysis and hemoglobin.  I knew that meant another stick!

He did really good though.  He was a big boy and knowing we were going to this football game later helped alot!  Man am I glad this appointment was on the same day as the game!!!

Counting it all Joy,