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Monday, October 26, 2009


Have you ever woke up on a Monday morning and just felt weighed down by so many things going on in your life?

Well that's me this morning.  I feel weighed down by so many prayer needs of which I am aware, and by the responsibility of being a mother.  That's my question before you this morning.

I tell you this job of being a mother presents some choppy waters to navigate sometimes.  My heart is to honor and glorify God in all that I do.  I realize that my children are some of the greatest blessings God has granted me.  I desire to love them well and handle them with Godly wisdom.

So, I need your help with something.

How do you handle it when your child is the one "left out", "not included" in the "group"?

My sweet Cecily (11 yrs old) is dealing with this and she's hurting.  I hurt for her and as her mom, I want to fix it!

Any advice or wisdom from scripture would be appreciated.  Leave me a comment with how you would handle such a situation.  Or maybe you've encountered this situation with your own kids.  Tell me what you did that seemed to work.

Counting it all Joy,


MommaHarms said...

hi, I came across yoru blog from Janna's Adventure Mom blog (we are good friends). My kids are three and one, so I have no wisdom from a parent's standpoint, but I was the left out one as a kid. My parents just listened, hurt for me, made me feel loved, and accepted me for who I was. They helped me to see my god-given tallents, did not take sides, and allowed me to talk when I needed to. They held me when I cried about it, and cheered me on when I connected with some others. They did NOT Get involved, as in talking to parents/teachers/kids on my behalf, that I could see. They did help me see areas where I could improve (be less of a Goody-two-shoes and know-it-all), but they didn't try to make me someone I wasn't.

I am starting to realize how painful this will be if the time comes. My three year old came home from Mom's Day Out one day adn said, "so and so doesn't like me. She said that. Why did she say that momma?" and it broke my heart. All of those memories from my youth came flooding back. It hurts us as mommies. I taught Junior High/Middle School and I just don't get how these kids can be so catty and mean, sometimes without even realizing it.

I guess just pray with her. Pray that she will find someone to connect with. Help her to learn to reach out to others who are left out. One of my best High School friends I met because she was the one in Sunday School who knew no one, and I had no real friends, so I invited her to sit by me, and we are still friends to this day.