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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times: The Long Awaited Part Three

The sick bug has taken up permanent residence in the McIlwain Home, or so it seems to be that way!  I feel behind in every way possible.  My house is upside down, the laundry is out of control, and three of the five of us is sick, still.

At the end of January we spent a week visiting family in MS and AL.  I never got around to sharing about the end of our week and spending time with Mike's parents.  We were at their house from Tuesday night until we left to come back home on Friday.  Wednesday night JennaBeth got sick.  She had been congested, but on Wednesday night she started running a fever and was vomiting.  She didn't rest well all night, which meant Mommy and Daddy didn't rest either!

Mike made a run to a local pharmacy the next morning after a call into her pediatrician to get some things to give her some relief.  This was the beginning of the worst part of our trip as indicated by the post title.  We had a hard time keeping anything down her on Thursday and she was so pitiful.  Then on Thursday evening, I got sick.  I think we may have had a stomach flu thing.  I was up all night on Thursday sick.  Mind you, we were to drive a 14 hour drive back home on Friday!

After taking it slow on Friday morning and getting everything packed (JennaBeth was better by then) we started the trek home.  We got home about 3:30 am Saturday morning.  Cecily began throwing up and running fever Saturday and by Saturday evening, Bentley was doing the same!

We all seemed to eventually recuperate from that round and get our energy back.  About a week ago now, Cecily was diagnosed with pneumonia and is this week on her second round of antibiotics.  Mike and I both have some kind of cold/allergy thing going on and feel horrible as well.  All the while, a very active 4 year old and 11 month old is ruling the house!

We really did have an awesome time with our families during our visit.  I just feel so bad that the majority of our time with Mike's parents was taken up with sickness.  And oh, I forgot the worst part.  When we called to let his parent's know we had made it home, we found out they were both sick with whatever JennaBeth and I had as well as Mike's brother, who had driven from Birmingham just to spend the day with us on Thursday!

Anyway, here are some pictures we managed to get before the sick bug reared his ugly head:
Always a highlight of the stay with Papaw Sonny (Mike's dad) for Bentley is the tractor ride that awaits.  
 And don't think for one second Miss Priss was going to miss her turn...
This same Miss Priss didn't mind one bit crawling all over that AL sod...
Although Cecily thought she was too big to take a tractor ride, she did manage to cooperate with a picture with Papaw and the infamous tractor...
JennaBeth really enjoyed being outside.  Here she is with Mamaw Judy (Mike's mom)...

We had originally planned to leave their house late in the evening and drive through the night, but with JennaBeth still not well and myself sick, we left earlier to give ourselves extra time.

We took these last few pictures right before we left...

Hopefully our next trip back home will just be the best with no "worst" in sight!



Cheryl said...

OH MY!!!
I sure hope y'all are on the mend!
Great pics.

オテモヤン said...
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jodi said...

Oh I'm so sorry you've all been sick! I can handle anything but the stomach bug...then I want MY mommy!!! Hopefully you are all on your way to a full recovery!

Love ya friend!