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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Parked Their Car on the Train Tracks?

We had a really busy and fun day today!  We started out about 10:30 a.m. and headed to Futral's Feed Store in Fort Myers.  They were celebrating their 65th year of being in business.  One of the elders in our church is part owner in the store and we were happy to celebrate with them today.

Mike and our Senior Pastor "Super Hal" (I'll explain the "super" part in a minute) played their guitars along with a couple of other men for entertainment.
Any singing Mike did was for sure in the bass range, because he is still fighting this "funky gunk" we still have!

As part of the celebration, Futral's provided free pony rides and bounce houses to the kids.  Bentley must have gone down the slide a zillion times.
He also enjoyed his pony ride.
After much "encouragement" from a friend, Cecily decided she wasn't going to let her little brother out do her...
JennaBeth even got to ride!  She wasn't sure what to think at first, but decided she like the pony.
Now for the "Super Hal" story!  After the kids were through bouncing and riding, we went back to the front of the store to get hotdogs for lunch.  In between the feed store and the area where the bounce houses and pony rides were, there was a set of train tracks.  For whatever reason I think we are all still trying to figure out, someone had parked their SUV ON THE TRAIN TRACKS!!!  And there was a train you could hear in the distance!  

One of the store owners began announcing over the sound system for the owner of the SUV to please come move their vehicle explaining that the train was coming.  No one ever claimed that vehicle, so Pastor Hal stood in the middle of the tracks and began waving his arms and kinda holding them out in front of himself like Super Man always did to try and stop the train!  Mind you, he had a long sleeved royal blue shirt on!  He really did stop that train!  And he looked just like Super Man doing it.

About 10 to 15 young boys and men ended up having to lift and slide the SUV off the train tracks so the train could continue on its way.  I don't know which Bentley thought was cooler, the train up close and personal or the teenage boys helping lift the vehicle off the tracks!

After all the excitement, we headed straight from there to a birthday party.  JennaBeth got an invitation to her first birthday partyand it was for her little "boyfriend", Immanuel, who was turning one!  His mom, Jill, is a sweet friend of mine from the Thursday morning Bible study I attend in Fort Myers.  We were pregnant with Immanuel and JennaBeth at the same time and had them both at the same hospital about 21 hours apart.

Here we are with them about a year ago...
And here they are a year later, today...
(JennaBeth not happy that the balloons would not be still for her!)

(Immanuel with his dad opening up the gift we gave him.)

Bentley enjoyed being reunited with his little "girlfriend", Macy, Immanuel's little sister.  She used to come on Thursday mornings with her mom, but she now attends a pre-school and Bentley doesn't get to see her on Thursdays.  I guess it's been about a year since he has seen her.  It was a sweet reunion!
It was so much fun watching Immanuel tear into his smash cake...
Even though today was full of activity and we are all very tired at the end of it, I am thankful today for life and being able to live it with my four favorite people on the planet.

Many blessings,