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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun: Part 2

On Monday of this past week, our family took a trip to Hunsader Farms in Bradenton, FL.  I had wanted to take the kids to a pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins and had heard of Hunsader from some friends.  So we decided to make the trip there.  They have fresh produce you can purchase as well as a play ground and petting zoo in addition to the pumpkin patch.
We took the kids by the petting zoo first and this was the first sight we caught.  We told JennaBeth the bunny was taking a nap and she started hollering, "Sleep, sleep" and almost woke him up!
We got to see the caretakers feeding the baby goats with a bottle.  They had just been born the Thursday before we came.  This little one kept trying to climb the steps you see in the picture and falling back down.
I'm assuming these were the mommas and papa's.
I kept telling JennaBeth to look at the babies and she would say, "baby goats" over and over.
Mr. or Mrs Peacock (not sure it this was a male or female) never would fan their feathers for us.
Mr. Llama just sat like a knot on a log!  Cecily reminded me not to bother him to much or he would spit at us!
I think the donkey was sleeping while standing!
Bentley wasn't all that interested in seeing the animals.  He was just ready to get on the playground!  JennaBeth followed him and played just like she was as big as he was.  She went up and down the slides without a second thought.
Cecily, Mike and I went over to the picnic area to wait on them to finish playing and we found this little caterpillar.  I let him crawl on my arm and Cecily got grossed out.  She's such a girl :)  I never could convince her to let him crawl on her!  JennaBeth wasn't scared and wanted to hold him, but I was afraid she would smush him.
When we could finally pull Bentley off the playground, this hay bale tractor caught his eye and he thought it was really cool.
As you can tell by his red little face, it was super hot!
JennaBeth wasn't too cooperative with picture taking on this particular day.  She did stop in front of the tractor, because she saw her brother do it.  She wants to do everything he does.
Our next stop was the pumpkin patch.  Bentley was dumb founded at all the pumpkins.  It took he and Cecily forever to pick just the right ones they wanted.
And of course little miss wasn't going to be left out of anything.  She found the bin with all the mini pumpkins in it and went to hunting her very own pumpkin.  She finally chose one and started calling it a ball the throwing it.  Thank goodness we finally made it to the car without her pumpkin "ball" getting destroyed!
On our way out, Bentley caught sight of some more tractors.  The sunflowers were pretty.
I won't even bother telling you how long it took Mike and I to get this picture!  JennaBeth kept throwing her little pumpkin.  She was convinced it was a ball.  You can always count on Bentley to grin real big!!
We had to say bye to the Hay Family on the way out!

We were so close to Sarasota and Yoder's we just couldn't resist stopping in for an early supper.  The Amish really know how to prepare delicious food.  We only got two pieces of pie to share for dessert.  They give you a piece as big as your head.  Bentley and Mike shared a piece of fresh strawberry pie and Cecily and I shared the best coconut creme pie I have ever put in my mouth!  JennaBeth had some of all of everything!! 

When we got home, Cecily and Bentley, with JennaBeth trying to help, carved the biggest pumpkin.

Isn't Mr. Billy Bob McIlwain handsome, even with his chipped tooth :)
Before we left Hunsader Farms, we purchased some apples.  They gave you a plastic bag and you could fill it up with whatever kinds of apples you wanted for just $6.  So now we have tons of apples.
Anyone have any good recipes using apples?  Please share.  I've got to do something with all these apples.  They make the house smell just like an apple orchard.
My favorite part of the day I believe was getting to come home with some yummy homemade apple butter.  There is nothing like a hot biscuit smothered with apple butter!!

We had alot of fun on Monday at the farm.  And those three pumpkins sure are cute sitting on the bar in our kitchen!



John said...

What a fun trip!

Sher-I said...

We go to Hunsader Farms every year and LOVE it!! We went this past Saturday and the same baby goat was trying to climb that ladder. He hadn't mastered it..just yet!