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Saturday, January 8, 2011

And the winner is...

Okay, Cecily has chosen the winner of the "Name That Recipe" contest!

And the winner is Marial!!!!!

She named the recipe:  JenMom's Spartan Chicken.  And that's what we'll call it from now on!  You really should be reading Marial's blog, Growing In Godliness.  She is one of the sweetest bloggy friends and has a such a heart for following hard after the Lord.  She has a Bible study that she has written called Knowing God Through His Names.  It will release nationally in March of this year, but if you visit her site, you can order one NOW directly from her!!  I've ordered mine and you should really go order yours!!!

Now since I only had three people respond to the contest, I'm going to give EVERYONE something!!!!  Marial will get Cynthia Heald's "Dwelling In His Presence".  Kim (her name for the recipe was Feta Mater Pasta, in honor of Bentley's love of Mater from "Cars") will receive "Life In Spite of Me:  Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice" by Kristen Jane Anderson.  And Tracy (a sweet girl I graduated from high school with - she named the recipe Ditalini Feta-cheeni) will receive "Idol Eyes" by Mandisa.  Tracy, I know you are an American Idol fan and thought you'd appreciate Mandisa's book.  Good stuff in that book!

Tracy I need you to message me on Facebook with your address so I can mail you your book!!  Thank you girls for playing along.

And in the spirit of giveaways this morning, I must tell you about a giveaway over at my friend John's blog.  He writes at While We Sojourn.  John is giving away a copy of Christ Formed In You.  You should go check out the giveaway, but spend some time there.  I love to read John's blog because well, he's just real. 



Mariel said...

woohoo! thanks, jennifer! Thank you also for the kind words about my blog and book! :) can't wait to get that devotional, it looks good!

You are so sweet to bless everyone with something, too :) Loved the other names...super cute!!! heehee!