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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Name That Recipe and Win a Giveaway!

I often get in a rut with my cooking; preparing the same things over and over again.  When this happens I usually try to be creative and develop my own dish.  Well there is one dish I have fixed a couple of times for my family and they love it.  The problem is that I don't know what to call it.

That's where YOU come in.

I'm going to go through what I used to put this dish together and I want YOU to name it for me!  Okay?

So here goes:
I took a 16 oz. package of this:
and cooked it according to the package directions.  I drained the water off and tossed it with a little (I didn't measure exactly how much) Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I also added two cans of this:
I drained a little of the liquid off the tomatoes before adding them.  I also tossed in a 7 oz. package of this with the pasta mixture:
I used the Garlic and Herb flavor Feta.

With this pasta dish I served Chicken strips that I cooked with the Garlic and Herb Shake-N-Bake.

So here is the deal.  Leave me a comment here telling me what you would name this dish.  So that things will be totally fair since I will know most of you who comment, I will let Cecily ( my 13 year old daughter) pick the best name for the dish from your comments.  To make it really fair, I'll take each name for the dish and write them on a piece of paper without your name attached and let her pick that way.  She is really enjoying her Culinary Arts class in school and this will be fun for her to pick the winner.

If your dish name is picked, you will win a copy of Cynthia Heald's 30 Days of Intimacy with God devotional titled "Dwelling In His Presence".

I'll have Cecily pick the winner on Friday night and post the winner on Saturday morning.  Alrighty then.  Be creative and name that dish!!!



Mariel said...

Sounds yummy!!! gonna try it!!

Here's my name choice:
JenMom's Spartan Chicken

Looking forward to making this one for my fam :)

Kim from church said...

Feta Mater Pasta (to go along with Bentley's Tow-Mater fettish!)

Mariel said...

so if I give another name option, do I have another chance to win?? My hubs came up with "Popalopogis Tomatoes and Chicken" He was trying to come up with a Greek sounding name! heehee!!

Or even: kotópoulo kai ntomátes
(that means tomatoes and chicken in Greek!)

Tracy Kilpatrick said...

Ditalini Feta-cheeni

It's fun to say!!! =)