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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze

Well, the first thing I have to say about this author, Vicki Hinze, is that she is BRILLIANT!  I absolutely could not put this book down and was drawn into the story from the very first few paragraphs of the first chapter!  Deadly Ties is Book Two in the Crossroads Crisis Center Series by Hinze.  I was sent this book for the purpose of review by Waterbrook Multnomah and was not expected to necessarily give a positive review, but an honest one.

And honestly, if you love suspense and love to read books that make you sit on the edge of your chair while reading, then you really must get your hands on this series.  The first book in the series was Forget me Not and the third book is expected to be available in Spring of 2012.  You better believe that I'll be getting my hands on that third book and I'll be going back to read the first one!

Deadly Ties tells the amazing story of Mark Taylor and Lisa Harper.  Here's the Book Short via YouTube:

In Deadly Ties, Ms Hinze weaves a beautiful picture of love, courage, forgiveness, and the sovereignty of God in all things.  Mark and Lisa (main characters in the story) travel a journey that involves ruthless murder, emotional and physical abuse, kidnapping, human trafficking and cyberstalking.  Those things don't sound so beautiful do they?  However, through this suspenseful story Ms Hinze helps the reader to understand the truth that "it's hard to walk in faith when we're in one of life's long and dark tunnels.  It's easy to feel forgotten and lost and helpless and hopeless.  But we're not.  In God's own time, He reveals that to us, and rather than feeling forgotten, we know that He was right there with us in that dark tunnel, gently leading us to His light."  (Quote from Ms Hinze in her personal note to the reader at the end of the book.)

Mark and Lisa learn what it means to really trust God and His master plan.  Mark and Lisa find their purpose.  And I think as you read their story, you will find begin to understand some of your own as well.

A reader's guide is included in the book making it an excellent choice for your next book club selection.  Deadly Ties as well as the first book in the series can be purchased from the publisher's website or from