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Monday, February 21, 2011

Writing Notes During Church

Disclaimer:  My husband told me the other day that I needed to write a blog post about how much I loved him, because I always post about the kids.  Now, he might want to consider this post as an act of submission on my part (Our pastor has been preaching out of Ephesians 5 the past several weeks on the marriage relationship), ha, ha, but what he may not know is that I have actually had this post rolling around in my head for a while now.  So, Mike here's your post!!

Valentine's Day did not quite turn out like Mike and I had planned.  Actually it probably was because we did not plan very well.  I think we've both felt the need for a break and a get away so strongly as of late that we just "went" without thinking much.  To make a long story short, after about an hour's worth of driving and stopping by four different places just to be told there was an hour to two hour's wait to eat, we gave up.  Or we almost did.  We actually ended up at a little "hole in the wall" Mexican place that turned out to actually have some pretty good food.

I could have let that disappoint me and make me feel like I had a "less than" Valentine's dinner out.  I actually think that maybe it really was the best Valentine's Day ever.  Let me explain.

I was looking forward to going out with my hubby, but it was because of some things that had taken place prior to that evening.  Earlier that day, Mike had brought home roses for me along with a card and some candy.  That was sweet.  But what really touched my heart is that he also brought home cards and little boxes of candy for each of our kiddos - Cecily, Bentley and JennaBeth.  In case I haven't ever mentioned it on this blog, I'll do so now:  MY KIDS HAVE THE BEST DADDY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  It was almost more than I could stand to know the he had taken time to pick a card for each of them and write a personal note to each one!

Life has been crazy lately for us.  There have been trials and challenges that if left to themselves to do the work the enemy would have for them to do, well they would have accomplished what the enemy always wants to accomplish in the lives of God's people:  steal, kill and destroy.  But God...I love those two words possibly more than any other in the English language...But God has not forsaken us.  He is doing a mighty work and I know that He will bring it to completion, which will be for His glory and our good.

In the midst of all this, God reminded me of something on the Sunday evening before Valentine's Day in a truly amazing way.  It wasn't some tremendous spiritual experience with flashes of lightning and great emotion.  It was kinda like the gentle whisper in which Elijah heard God speak (1 Kings 19:11-12).  And it came in the form of my husband (the Associate Pastor of the church I might add) writing notes during the pastor's sermon!  Here's his note he passed to me:
I was reminded by way of that simple note that I had a partner in this crazy life we are living; a partner that God gave me almost 19 years ago; a partner that I would rather do crazy with before I would do "normal" with any other!

I have this quote from John Piper written in my Bible by Genesis 2:24:
"God gets glory when two very different people and very imperfect people forge a life of faithfulness in the furnace of affliction by relying on Christ."
So, Mike, how did I do on "your post"?????  And for the record, I'm so very glad you are the one with whom I am "dancing in the minefields".


Thena said...

Love this song. And very sweet post.

Mariel said... sweet!! also>> gotta love hole in the wall places ;)

Sharon said...

Jennifer, I saw your "Best [blank] EVER" on Beth Moore's post. I love the song that you shared. You inspired a post of my own after I heard the words on the video that were sung.

I, too, enjoyed the post here that you wrote. The line, "I could have let that disappoint me and make me feel like I had a "less than" Valentine's..." made me laugh. Our Valentine's Day was different than all the years past. I'm so in love with my man! And so very much now comfortable in this moment, this season, that we're in! I teach at a women's prison on Monday nights. So when my husband called that day for our "date" I reminded him of where I would be. He told me, "Well, I guess I need to get you something..." I stopped him in the midst of his saying and asked that he didn't. I told him don't spend money for flowers or teddy bears or something even more expensive. I'm at a place in my life that I realize so many other people need more than I do (the homeless.. those recently released from prisons... those so desperately struggling). I had just finished my first newsletter for the ministry I'm in and told him that if he wanted to bring me ink for the printer that I'd totally be excited about such a gift. :) Different, yes, but so sweet! I'm blessed beyond measure and FEEL/FILL it!

Thanks for the song that you shared! I was blessed by your sharing!