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Friday, April 13, 2012


I am excited to let you know about two pretty neat Bible resources today designed especially for your "tween-aged" boys and girls.
Getting into a routine of reading the Bible can be challenging for anyone, but trying to keep the attention of pre-teen boys is especially difficult.  So now there is a Bible especially developed for them.  The NIV Boys Bible is designed with boys ages 9 to 12 in mind.  Fun in-text features help boys dig deep into the Word and learn about amazing people, facts and stories of the Bible.
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible
  • Hundreds of highlighted verses for memorizing
  • What's the Big Deal? - Need to know biblical stories and people
  • Check it Out - Interesting and fun facts about Bible times and characters
  • Grossology - Gross and gory stuff they never knew was in the Bible 
  • Makin' It Real - Help for applying Bible stories to their everyday lives
  • Through the Bible in a year reading plan.
This Bible includes the full text of the New International Version and 12 color tip-in pages introducing content that shows boys how they can grow to be like Jesus.  The graphics are eye catching as well as the colors used:  text type is blue with orange accents.  Because boys are different that girls and are attracted by different types of questions and facts, this bible is specifically designed with these differences in mind.  The NIV Boys Bible offers unique and meaningful content that speaks straight to the heart of tween boys, drawing them into a relationship with their Creator.  
Every girl wants to know she's totally unique and special, and contributor Nancy Rue helps them do just that in the revised edition of the NIV Faithgirlz! Bible.  As  a leading tween specialist, Rue teaches girls that the Bible is real and relevant and best of all , that the story of God and His people is also their story.  Girls can now grow closer to god as they discover the journey of a lifetime, in their language, for their world.
The new Faithgirlz! Bible was developed especially for girls ages 9 to 12.  Everything in it is written with a tween girl's experience in mind.  The features explain hard to understand things in teh Bible and guide girls to put the Scripture to work in their own lives.  This Bible focus on sharing faith with friends and gives real ways for girls to do that.
  • Book introductions - Girls will read the who, when, where and what of each book of the Bible.
  • Dream Girl - Girls will use their imaginations to put themselves in the story.
  • Is There a Little (Eve, Ruth) in You? - Girls will see for themselves what they have in common with women of the Bible.
  • Words To Live By - Girls will discover great Bible verses for memorizing.
  • Oh, I Get It - Girls will find answers to Bible questions they've wondered about.
  • Biblical text is in purple with magenta floral accents.
  • Through the Bible in a year reading plan.
I highly recommend both of these resources!  I am hanging on to my review copies to give to my now 6 year old son and three year old daughter when they get to the appropriate ages for these Bibles.  I don't know what greater gift to share with our boys and girls than God's Word.

Both the NIV Boys Bible and the Faithgirlz! Bible can be ordered at by going HERE and HERE

Thank you B&B Media Group Inc. for sending me the complimentary copies of both Bibles for the purpose of review.



Tesha said...

WoW these look Awesome. I am so happy you did these review. They will make a great girt for upcoming Birthdays :)