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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Been Going On With The Littles

I'll start with the littlest little...the three year old.  I can finally say that potty training (for the most part) has been a success!  No more pull-ups/diapers at our house!  We still have the occasional accident during the night (thank goodness for mattress pads), but otherwise, she is such a big girl now.
She has also developed a huge imagination!
JennaBeth loves Tangled.  And she loves her "pink bunny".  As you can tell in the picture, she has combined the two - she put Rapunzel's dress on pink bunny and now we have "Pink Bunny Punzel" living in our home! 
She also LOVES her daddy!  She will just randomly say throughout the day, "My 'faha' really does love me and I really love my 'faha'!"

We are really proud of the little man our six year old is becoming!  He is doing really well in school.  It has been a joy to see his reading take off.  There are 45 sight word books they are to complete in kindergarten and he is on book 38!  He also brought home some beginning Accelerated Reader books that he blew through!
Besides excelling in his reading, he has been losing teeth!  He has had four loose at the same time.
I know I'm just a little bit partial, but I think he's the cutest snaggle tooth there ever was!
Bentley's other huge interest at the moment is Legos.  I've told him that I think his brain is in the shape of a Lego brick, because he eats, drinks and breathes Legos!  They really have been good for him.  He is really creative with them.  Usually when he gets a new set, he will put it together exactly by the directions the first time.  After that, he uses all of his different pieces to create all sorts of different things.

I couldn't be more proud of our biggest little, our fourteen year old!  Cecily is becoming an amazing young woman.  God has blessed her with so much talent in a variety of areas.  Just last night, she along with some classmates from the costume design department were recognized in front of the school board for their participation in the District and State Thespian competitions in the state of Florida.
(From Left to Right:  Sarah, Cassidy, Ms Friedman, Cecily, Ms Sommers, Ms Robbins)
At the state level Thespian competition, Cecily received a Superior rating for her costume designs.  She had to take a play, research the play, choose three characters and redesign their costumes.  The sketches had to be hand drawn and she had to include the materials and why she chose each material.  Then she had to present the designs along with her research in front of three professional costume designers at the state level and then take questions from them!
I chaperoned this trip so I was able to observe her presentation.  Let me tell you, I would have been intimidated in front of those three judges.  Cecily did so well and she handled there questions just like she was a pro on their level!  I was really, really proud.  On top of preparing for the school's Spring presentation of The King and I (She is sewing many of the costumes.), she has maintained all A's in her academic classes, which are all Advanced level classes!
In her spare time, which is very little, she is the typical teenager and loves to have fun with her friends.
A couple of weeks ago, she and a friend from church made cookies together.  Of course they made cookies with any cookie dough that was left - those silly girls :)

"Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him."                                                  Psalm 127:3

One Rewarded Mama,


Angeleyes said...

Hey Jenn, Read the post and this is amazing. The kids sound wonderful. In todays time parents are lucky to have one child to sucessed but you have 3 that's a wonderful blessing. I know you both are very proud. I would be to.

Tesha said...

You are a truly blessed mama, with wonderful kids! I love to hear mommies brag on their kids.