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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help For The Fractured Soul

Candyce resides in Campbellsville, Kentucky with her husband Ray. Ray is a chiropractor and viticulturist. Candyce is in full time inner healing ministry and an author. Candyce and Ray enjoy sharing life with their three daughters, three son-in-laws and soon to be ten grandchildren.
Candyce has spent the past fifteen years ministering to survivors of extreme abuse leading them into the presence of the Lord to experience healing and wholeness. Abuse survivors are often unable to function in a healthy manner in their relationship with Jesus or other people. This often leads them away from community and into a life of isolation where they create barriers against pastors, counselors, and prayer ministers who desire to help them.
Candyce stresses the importance of community in the transformation process and encourages abuse survivors to engage in a healthy spiritual community in conjunction with prayer ministry. Candyce stresses the importance of broken people developing a life with God and learning to turn to Him for truth.
In addition to being in private practice, Candyce shares helpful ministry tools through her teaching and writing. In her book, Help For The Fractured Soul Candyce shares real-life strategies and effective tools that will encourage those who desire to help abuse survivors. Help For The Fractured Soul addresses the urgent topic of developing a sustainable spiritual life that transforms brokenness into wholeness.
Candyce has a doctorate in Systematic Theology, is a closet artist, enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren and has not mastered the art of a consistent exercise program.
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Bethany House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of Candyce's book Help For The Fractured Soul:  Experiencing Healing and Deliverance From Deep Trauma for the purpose of review.  The book is published by Chosen Books a division of Baker Publishing Group.

In Help For The Fractured Soul, Ms Roberts provides in invaluable ministry tool to not only the abuse survivor, but to the person desiring to help the one suffering from extreme abuses.  Roberts candidly and succinctly deals with a disorder that many may know as multiple personality disorder.  Now the proper psychiatric term is DID or dissociative identity disorder.  To those suffering from DID, the terms fractured or fragmented mind are more comfortable. 

Roberts has provided a well written and clear exposition to help the reader understand how extreme abuse leads often to a fractured mind.  I appreciated how she referred throughout the book to her ministry sessions with victims and how she clearly pointed to Christ as the only true and sure place to turn for healing.  While expounding on scripture and drawing from other experts such as Dan Allender, Neil T. Anderson and Larry Crabb, Roberts gives a thorough and easy to read resource for ministry to those who have suffered from all manner of abuses.  She handles these often misunderstood subjects with compassion and clarity.

Help For The Fractured Soul can be ordered from by going HERE.