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Monday, August 20, 2012

House of Mercy

Erin Healy is an award-winning fiction editor who has worked with talented novelists such as James Scott BellMelody CarlsonColleen CobleBrandilyn Collins, Traci DePreeL. B. GrahamRene GutteridgeMichelle McKinney HammondRobin Lee HatcherDenise HildrethDenise HunterRandy IngermansonJane Kirkpatrick, Bryan LitfinFrank Peretti,Lisa SamsonRandy SingerRobert Whitlow, and many others.
She began working with Ted Dekker in 2002 and edited twelve of his heart-pounding storiesbefore their collaboration on Kiss, the first novel to seat her on “the other side of the desk.”
Erin is the owner of WordWright Editorial Services, a consulting firm specializing in fiction book development. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Academy of Christian Editors. She lives with her family in Colorado.
Some of her previous novels are The Baker's Wife (which I reviewed HERE), Never Let You Go, and The Promises She Keeps.  

House of Mercy is Erin's latest novel.  Synopsis from the back of the book:

When Beth’s world falls apart, can she ever be whole again?
Beth has a gift of healing—which is why she wants to become a vet and help her family run their fifth-generation cattle ranch. Her father’s dream of helping men in trouble and giving them a second chance is her dream too. But it only takes one foolish decision for Beth to destroy it all.
Beth scrambles to redeem her mistake, pleading with God for help, even as a mystery complicates her life. The repercussions grow more unbearable—a lawsuit, a death, a divided family, and the looming loss of everything she cares about. Beth’s only hope is to find the grandfather she never knew and beg for his help. Confused, grieving, and determined to make amends, she embarks on a horseback journey across the mountains, guided by a wild, unpredictable wolf who may or may not be real.
Set in the stunningly rugged terrain of Southern Colorado, House of Mercy follows Beth through the valley of the shadow of death into the unfathomable miracles of God’s goodness and mercy.

My Thoughts about the book:
House of Mercy is written with a mystical/supernatural flavor.  I have to say that this genre is not my most favorite in fiction novels.  However, Ms Healy does present a clear picture of God's grace and mercy in the lives of fallen human beings.  The mythical wolf imagery can be clearly seen as God's faithful guidance and watch care over His children.  Character development is well written into the overall story.  If you love the supernatural element in novels you read, then you will love Erin's books.  You can learn more about Erin and her novels at her website

The book was sent to me by Rick Robertson with the B&B Media Group for the purpose of review and can be ordered at by going HERE.

Happy Reading,