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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Basketball, Books and Isaac

We "weathered" the weather from Isaac pretty well.  He ended up being a non-event for us; just a lot of rain and wind gusts.  The kids got a day off from school, which was nice.  We actually ended up having a really nice and relaxing day at home.
JennaBeth enjoyed painting with her big sister.
Bentley enjoyed playing the Wii with his daddy and getting new Wii controllers so that we can all play some of the games together.  Mike ended up smoking the kiddos in Monopoly while I did some laundry and read a little.  Cecily told him, "Dad, don't you know your are supposed to let your kids win???"  Didn't work out that way, ha, ha!

Speaking of Bentley; he's going to be playing Upwards Basketball this September and October.  A couple of Saturdays ago, he had his skill evaluations and team placement.

He is really excited and we are too!  I appreciate this program so much.  He'll learn some new skills as well as be engaged in some spiritual growth.  His practices will be on Friday evening with games on Saturday mornings.

JennaBeth and I started going to Pre-School Storytime at our library last week.
She was a little shy about going into the room for the story at first (although you couldn't tell it from that silly picture!); however, after another little girl, who was there for the first time as well, pulled an Ariel Little Mermaid doll out of her bag, she was ready to make a new friend! We had a mommy-daughter date at Chick-fil-A afterwards.

Cecily is full force into high school now.  She was recognized in the newspaper as part of an article about the school she went to for Middle School:
I know that picture is a little blurry, so just to clarify (ehemm...) they referred to her as an "exceptionally talented arts student"...yep, that's my girl!  The school is using the calender of events that she designed last year in 8th grade.  
Cecily (first on the left) is also quite enamored with the young man in the Elmo shirt!  I am really glad that a two year old little guy has her heart right now...plenty of time much later for the older fellows!  The little guy's name is Jeshua and his mommy is expecting his little sister any day now.  That picture is from her baby shower a couple of weeks ago.
We are so blessed to have this sweet family as part of our church family!  And we can not wait to welcome sweet girl Moriah hopefully very soon!!!

So, that catches you up with what's been going on around our place...what's happening in your neck of the woods?