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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Thousand Sleepless Nights

This week, the
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A Thousand Sleepless Nights
Realms (October 16, 2012)
Michael King

When Mike Dellosso won a one-year battle with colon cancer he set out to help readers of his books discover it before they had to go through what he experienced.
“I want others to avoid what I had to go through,” he says. “It was an experience that taught me a lot about myself, others, and God, but one I wouldn’t want to repeat. If I can help even one person battling this disease, it would have been worth it.”
Mike set about writing a novel quite different from what his fan base had come to expect from him. Not a thriller, but a character-driven novel, so he wrote it under a pen name, Michael King, and entitled it A Thousand Sleepless Nights. His publisher, Charisma Media, went for it and the first copies went on sale in October.
Mike’s next step was to determine whether a partnership between him, Charisma Media, and the Colon Cancer Alliance was possible. This month both announced their cooperative fundraising venture, with Charisma Media making a significant contribution to CCA and Mike committing a portion of the proceeds from the book through December to CCA.
Speaking about A Thousand Sleepless Nights Mike says, “I want people to see colon cancer (and all the other cancers) for the monster it is, but also to show it does not need to defeat us. There is hope, there is strength, and there is courage and love. And though cancer may rob us of our physical vitality, it has no power over our spirit.” 
Mike can be reached through the Contact link on his Website.

In the 1970s, escaping a home where he knew nothing but violence and hate, Jim Harding found work, and love, on the largest horse ranch in Virginia. The object of his affections, Nena St. Claire, is the daughter of the owner—a man who ruled his ranch with an iron fist and would do whatever it took to keep Nena and Jim apart.
Against the wishes of her family, Nena marries Jim, and after her father dies, she sacrifices everything—including her family—to keep the ranch alive. Now their three grown children have lives of their own and want nothing to do with Nena. She was never the mother they needed.
When cancer strikes and Nena is given a devastating diagnosis, can Jim reconcile the family before it is too late?
If you would like to read the first chapter of A Thousand Sleepless Nights, go HERE
My Thoughts about the Book:
A Thousand Sleepless Nights was a very raw and emotional story.  The author writes with honesty and characters that are real and seem to jump right out of the story into your world.  Mr. King utilizes the flashback technique and does it very well.  He interjects the flashbacks at opportune times within the story and keeps things moving and you, the reader, keep turning the pages.  Another thing that I really appreciated about Mr. King's writing is that as the reader, you get the story from multiple perspectives.
The only criticism I have of the book has to deal with some editing issues I came across while reading.  The most glaring one is in regards to the name of one of the main characters...Jim.  On the back of the book, in the synopsis, Jim's last name is given as Harding and in the book, his last name is given as Hutching.
Mr. King has written a gripping novel about the ravaging effect of cancer; not only physically, but emotionally as well.  His portrayal of the dynamics in a family, both good and bad, are straight on point.  You will be blessed by taking the time to read this book.
Happy Reading,