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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life in Pictures

It has been quite some time since I have had a picture overload post.  I thought it was about time for one!  So, here it goes...

A few weeks ago, Cecily and I kept our church nursery during the worship service.  This is Cecily and an little guy at church that we have just fallen in love with...Jeshua, affectionately known as "Jeshy".
The following week, Bentley had the Flu and Strep.  He ran fever and didn't feel well for about a week.  Poor guy missed his basketball practice and game that week.  On that Saturday, he was still kind of puny and not well and had about enough energy to sit on the skateboard in his pj's on the porch!

He soon recovered.  This was his first day back to school after missing three days due to his sickness.  It was Student-led conference day where he gets to show us around his classroom and show us all they have done the past quarter in school.  Bentley is doing really well in school and we are so proud of him.  He is speeding right along in Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math.
This past Wednesday night was the annual Fall Festival at our church.  We had around 750 people come through our parking lot for games, inflatables, pony rides, food and candy!!!
Here's Cecily with Jeshy...excuse me, McGyver!  She likes this little guy a whole lot!
Cat Woman enjoyed the pony rides and games.  JennaBeth was so funny...the whole day she kept asking me when she could put her "cat stuff" on...and I kept telling her that she could dress up as Cat Girl "in just a little bit longer".  She adamantly corrected me, "No mama.  Not girl,  it's cat woman!"
Batman enjoyed the games and getting lots of candy as well.
Big sister (Cecily, on the left) helped with one of the games and Cat Girl...sorry cat Woman, enjoyed playing big sister's game.
This is JennaBeth with her BFF Darci from church.  She loves Darci!

And last but not least McGyver and Cat Woman!  Jeshy loves JennaBeth...his mom and dad say that every time they drive into the church parking lot he starts saying, "JennaBeth".  I happen to think she's pretty cute myself.