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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Best Friends and Mean Girls

Dannah Gresh has sold well over one million copies of her books - including Six Ways To Keep the "Little" In Your Girl, Six Ways to Keep the "Good" In Your Boy, And The Bride Wore White, and What are You Waiting For?:  The One Thing No One ever Tells You About Sex - making her one of the most successful Christian authors targeting teens and pre-teens.

Dannah has long been at the forefront of the movement to encourage both tweens and teens to pursue purity and is often called upon to defend the conservative position of abtinence in national news media like purity and is often called upon to defend the conservative position of abstinence in national news media like 
CNN, FOX News, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and Women's Wear Daily.  She is also a frequent contributor to Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, Midday Connection and numerous other broadcast media.  She has been a keynote speaker for Focus on the Family's teen missions trips and cruises; and has headlined with David Platt, Priscilla Shirer, John Piper and others who seek to bring the body of Christ relevant, meaty scriptural truth.

Danah is the creator of Secret Keeper Girl, a line of mom/daughter connecting resources and live events aimed at tween girls and their moms.  The Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour, an all-new event, launches in August 2013 and is designed to refuel moms with conviction to train their daughters toe embrace modesty, purity, and true beauty.  The tour plans to stop in 80 cities throughout the course of the year and will introduce girls to positive role models in 1 Girl Nation, a new pop group focused on lyrics that encourage tweens to live for Jesus while they're young.

Although the volume of Dannah's ministry has been focused on helping moms to help their daughters, Dannah also ministers to women in all walks of life, as she equips them to not only be better mothers, but better wives and individuals.

Dannah lives on a farm in State College, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Bob, and has three college-aged children, Robby, Lexi, and Autumn.  She and her husband founded Grace Prep, a new model in Christian high school education, which Bob administrates.  She is shamelessly in love with her labradoodle, Stormie.

More information on Dannah Gresh is available at

"Mean girl moments, getting left out, the silent treatment, and a whole list of other friendship challenges are unfortunately just a given if you're a girl," says Dannah Gresh.  "That's why it's so critical for moms to come alongside their daughters and teach them how to navigate these challenges in a biblical way."

In Talking With Your Daughter About Best Friends And Mean Girls, Gresh adds to the popular Secret Keeper Girl 8 Great Dates series by offering eight dates for moms and daughters focused on key relationships and true love.  Each one and a half hour date has a different friendship focus but follows the same general format, including special audio messages, mom-daughter discussion time, and a fun challenge activity, including a sleepover, scrapbooking, shopping, and ding-dong-ditching neighbors.  Dates can be done one-on-one or as part of a small group of moms and daughters.  The first date looks at what true friendship looks like, based on the Bible, with the following dates focused on specific people or groups such as loving your neighbor, your BFF, and your parents.

Alongside the book for moms, Gresh, and Secret Keeper Girl tour leader and you educator Suzy Wiebel, have also written a new book just for daughters.  A Girl's Guide To Best Friends and Mean Girls is part self-help, part Bible Study helping girls think through important issues such as what it looks like to be a friend and how to choose friends.  It also teaches girls the importance of meditating on God's Word on a daily basis.

"Our desire is to help them see that Jesus is the ultimate friend and the perfect example to follow when it comes to understanding how to be a friend," says Gresh.

My Thoughts:
I am so grateful for women like Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel, who understand the most important necessity of mothers guiding their daughters in the gospel through the ins and outs of life here on earth.  Gresh and Weibel have created two amazing additions to an already exceptional group of resources for moms and daughters.  Both Talking With Your Daughter About Best Friends and Mean Girls and A Girl's Guide To Best Friends and Mean Girls are full of fun and eye-catching graphics.  More importantly, both books are scripturaly sound and focus both mom's and daughter's thoughts on Christ.  Guidance given in the books focuses not only on how to deal with mean girls, but offers girls helpful ways to think about being a good friend themselves and how to positively handle those they encounter who are less than kind. Gresh and Weibel take moms and girls directly to the throne of grace and focus on Christ as a refuge and help in hurtful times of trouble, but also the One in Whom we find all our identity and worth.  If you are a mother of a girl between the ages of 7 and 12 or a grandmother with a grandaughter in those ages...GET THESE BOOKS!  I can't recommend them hard enough!



jodi said...

Savannah is going through her book called "My Best Friend Jesus" with some of her friends right now. They really like it. She also likes the fiction book series based on the girls in the bible study. I'm sure we'll be buying more of her stuff soon! :)